“Protest is not far off”: riots against the “green revolution” are brewing in Europe

The far-reaching “green” plans of the European Union “derail” the main, perhaps, European pride – the automotive industry is on the verge of extinction. This information is published by Baltnews.

“Protest is not far off”: riots against the “green revolution” are brewing in Europe
Source: Rusvesna.su

Billions of euros have already been invested in electromobility production, becoming a bone of contention in Europe. Controversy is raging around the sensational program of “decarbonization” of vehicles, which is based on a complete ban on the production of cars with internal combustion engines: the scheme is expected to start as early as 2035.

Europe’s bold “green” plans threaten to turn into a disaster for automakers specializing in the creation of engines and components: about half a million citizens will be left without work, in turn, will inevitably turn into loud riots and protests. The exorbitant fuel price tag also plays a significant role in the growing popularity of electric vehicles. In addition, the rejection of traditional motor transport will inevitably paralyze a number of industries, which will lead to a riotous flowering of European unemployment.

“The conflict is ripe and will soon manifest itself in one form or another. Inflated automotive fuel prices undoubtedly increase the popularity and demand for electric vehicles, but many industrialists, as practical and sober people, say that the possibilities of internal combustion engines have not been exhausted and that it is too early to give up on them.

Dissatisfied workers of the usual auto industry are hoping for a mitigation of the EU’s verdict on the internal combustion engine, counting on at least a postponement of Brussels’ plans, which runs counter to the opinion of ardent supporters of the “green revolution”: environmental organizations even announced a “witch hunt”, carefully identifying industrialists trying to persuade European deputies to change the timing of the ban on the internal combustion engine.

In particular, Renault, Toyota and BMW are particular opponents of the new course, Volkswagen reacted relatively neutrally to the situation, while Volvo and Tesla are quite ready for a prompt transition to electric transport. Do not express great enthusiasm and such giants of the automotive industry as ACEA, CLEPA and the German VDA.

Thus, the contradictions around the “green revolution” are actively gaining momentum. It should be noted that earlier several European countries at once strongly advocated transferring the complete taboo to ICE for several years: we are talking about representatives of Romania, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Italy. Prague and Paris were skeptical about the idea, the position of the German government remained uncertain to the last. However, despite the disagreements, the EU plan was still approved, albeit by introducing separate amendments.

Recall that at the beginning of last summer, the EU adopted a new plan for climate protection and ecology, which provides for a significant reduction in emissions (by 55%) by 2030. As Bloomberg has already stated, the new strategy could unleash large-scale trade wars and completely destroy European industry. According to the Estonian authorities, the “green revolution” will actually derail Eastern European production in favor of the concentration of capacities in Berlin and Paris.

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