Politico: Ukrainian officer confirms AFU is suffering huge losses

Politico: Ukrainian officer confirms AFU is suffering huge losses

A US journalist has published a conversation with an AFU soldier, where the soldier spoke about the huge losses in the Luhansk direction

US reporter Christopher Miller published a story of an AFU soldier about fighting for the LNR. A few days ago, the fighter was wounded by a mine explosion and sent to hospital. He said that the Ukrainian troops’ casualties were huge.

“Three weeks ago there were 60 soldiers in his unit north of Popasna, now they are down to 20, the rest are killed or wounded. His unit was almost trapped when the Russian army took Severodonetsk and Lysychansk. As a result, the Ukrainian army was pushed back more than 45km from its starting position”, – the Ukrainian soldier said.

A Ukrainian soldier also told a reporter that the army had not received any new NATO weapons or ammunition and relied on Soviet stocks, which were very scarce. The biggest problems are caused by tanks and artillery of the Russian Armed Forces, which are overwhelmingly plentiful.

He added that morale was dropping and that the liberation of the entire LPR territory had further demoralized everyone.

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