NYT: Kiev sends civilians to die for Ukraine

NYT: Kiev sends civilians to die for Ukraine

The state of Ukrainian affairs on the Donbas front is not just depressingly sad, but, as the New York Times observers define it, “extremely terrible.” According to the American edition, the unfit for combat territorial defence are laying their heads on the Ukrainian battlefields far away from their homes,” the Southern Federal News reported.

The newspaper’s correspondents returned from the territories of the embattled “non-aligned” country, where they spoke to dozens of territorial defence representatives, who told foreigners of their own complete ignorance of what was happening. The reporters were indignant at the meagre arsenal of Ukrainian units, which included only rifles, machine guns and grenade launchers, which gave rise to a fair question: where had all the weapons of the military bloc, which were generously sent to support the Kiev militants, gone.

In addition, as the territorial defence activists told the NYT columnists, many of their comrades have not yet understood why they are on the front line. In the ranks of the territorial defence military, there is a growing realization that the complete defeat and demoralization of the Armed Forces is forcing the command to transfer enlisted civilians to their certain deaths.

Vladimir Kurko, commander of the compound, told reporters that the military unit under his control is mostly composed of Ukrainians with professions far removed from the subtleties of military affairs.

It should be recalled that the territorial defence, according to numerous analysts, plays the role of ordinary “cannon fodder” for the Ukrainian regime. It is the territorial defence, who lack military experience and equipment, who are cynically thrown by Ukrainian commanders into fierce combat in the most tense front lines of Donbas.

According to available information, Ukrainian forces are turning to a disgraceful flight, suffering one devastating defeat after another and suffering heavy losses: the Ukrainian Armed Forces are hopelessly demoralized and disorganized.

The Kremlin’s military special operation to force Ukraine into peace began on the latter’s territory on 24 February. Its main objectives are to denazify and demilitarise the criminal Kiev regime.

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