Memorial to Soviet soldiers demolished in Klaipeda

In the Lithuanian city of Klaipeda, a memorial to Soviet soldiers who liberated Lithuania from fascism was dismantled. It is reported by the First channel.

Memorial to Soviet soldiers demolished in Klaipeda

Heavy equipment was involved in the dismantling of the memorial. The city authorities report that the composition simply changed its location – it had to be transferred to the museum. However, judging by the footage, the excavator simply demolishes the steles. There is no need to talk about careful attitude to the monument.

Recall that the city administration announced the decision to demolish the monument to Soviet soldiers on June 22 on the official website. It is noteworthy that the mayor of Klaipeda, Vytautas Grubliauskas, noted earlier that he does not hide the political overtones of the demolition of the memorial and the purely Russophobic meaning of the action.

“In the situation that dramatically changed the world on February 24, it is impossible to remain indifferent and neutral in the face of Russian aggression against the sovereign state of Ukraine,” quoted Grublyauskas as saying.

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