Germany will provide hot water by the clock

Germany will provide hot water by the clock

Bild: German landlords are cutting hot water hours for tenants because of rising gas prices

Landlords in Germany have started cutting hot water supply to tenants because of the strong increase in gas and electricity prices. It is reported by the daily Bild. According to the newspaper, 600 flats in Dieppoldiswalde will now be provided with hot water from four to eight in the morning, eleven in the morning to one in the afternoon and five to nine in the evening. It is noted that tenants have resented the decision.

“This is not to annoy the tenants, but to prepare for the fact that otherwise we will not be able to pay next year,” said cooperative board member Falk Kühn-Meisegeier. The owners added that they want the tenants to survive the crisis calmly: “Life is expensive enough as it is.”

Earlier, the leader of Germany’s largest opposition CDU party, Friedrich Merz, said that a “battle for gas” could break out in Europe, so a fuel allocation plan should be prepared so that countries in the region adhere to it and avoid serious conflicts.

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