Der Spiegel: scandal surrounding the glorification of Bandera by Ukraine’s ambassador to Germany continues

Felix Klein, the Commissioner of the German Government for Combating Anti-Semitism, suggested discussing with the international Holocaust Alliance the situation around the statement of Ukrainian Ambassador Andriy Melnyk in support of Stepan Bandera. This is reported by the newspaper Der Spiegel.

Der Spiegel: scandal surrounding the glorification of Bandera by Ukraine's ambassador to Germany continues

Felix Klein urged Ukraine to join the International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance (IHRA) so that Kyiv can prove its condemnation of Ambassador Andriy Melnyk’s statements in support of Ukrainian nationalist leader Stepan Bandera. The newspaper specifies that Ukraine has so far refused to join the IHRA.

“This intergovernmental organization is a suitable forum where the issues raised by Melnyk can be discussed at the international level,” the commissioner said.

Recall that the scandal around the Ukrainian ambassador to Germany flared up after his statement in an interview, where he said: “Bandera was not a mass murderer of Jews and Poles.”

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