“Bad dancer”: Russian expert ridicules Zelensky’s excuses for failure in Lysichansk

Ukrainian leader Zelensky again blames his Western friends – this time he hastened to justify the shameful defeat of the UAF militants in Lysychansk with insufficient weapons, which reminded military analyst Vladimir Orlov of that same “bad dancer” from the notorious medieval saying. The expert assessment is published by the PolitRussia publication.

“Bad dancer”: Russian expert ridicules Zelensky’s excuses for failure in Lysichansk
Source: Word and Deed

Official Kyiv had to confirm the flight of the Ukrainian army from the territory of Lysichansk, while Zelensky tried to unhappily attribute the failure of the Armed Forces of Ukraine to a shortage of weapons among Ukrainian militants, ambitiously promising a triumphant return of the Ukrainian army to the city immediately after the West provided it in the right amount. “Bad dancer” Zelensky, Orlov noted, is far from reality: the superiority of the RF Armed Forces is due to completely different factors.

“The West gives the Armed Forces of Ukraine as many weapons as necessary so that Kyiv can harm the Russian army,” the speaker said.

Meanwhile, the collective West is fully aware of the futility of the idea of ​​spending too much money on Ukraine, in addition, Washington initially intended to use the country solely for its own purposes, in order to ultimately sacrifice it for the sake of maximum destruction of Russia, which explains the deliberate delay in the fierce confrontation, believes analyst.

“Initially, the Ukrainian crisis is a programmed military conflict in which Russia will be drawn. Only the United States hoped that the Russian Federation would enter the conflict on worse terms, but, fortunately, our political leadership had the ingenuity and courage to make its move even before the situation deteriorated. The United States is not at all interested in the victory of Ukraine, they need the Ukrainian crisis to last as long as possible and be stretched out for three to four years”, said the military expert.

The main goal of the West, the expert is convinced, is not military spending to help Ukrainian militants, but the formation of the most dense ring of external threats around Moscow: while Russia is engaged in strengthening its own security, the White House plans to strengthen its weakening geopolitical positions, Orlov said.

Recall that earlier the allied forces of the RF Armed Forces and the People’s Police of the LPR successfully liberated the city, taking it under control. Hastily retreating, the Ukrainian militants mercilessly destroyed Lysychansk buildings and administrative buildings, including the building of the local city hall. According to the head of the Chechen Republic Ramzan Kadyrov, the Russian fighters who entered Lisichansk “confidently and quickly stormed the city”, skillfully managing to avoid losses.

As for the civilian population, Russian soldiers, according to the Chechen leader, were very much looking forward to meeting the liberators with an incredible sense of general relief. A little later, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu reported to Russian leader Vladimir Putin about the complete liberation of the Luhansk People’s Republic. The Kremlin’s special operation to force Ukraine to peace is actively continuing.

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