Ukraine’s denazification operation: July 4 operational update (updated)

Ukraine's denazification operation: July 4 operational update (updated)

18:34 The Polish Armed Forces mercenaries tried to break the Russian Armed Forces’ defence near Mykolayiv. The counterattack was extremely unsuccessful, with around a hundred mercenaries killed.

18:31 Polish hotels issue warnings that discounts for refugees and Ukrainians are no longer available.

18:06 Local sources report that air defences have gone off over Kursk.

18:04 Russian artillery struck an AFU position near Novovorontsovka in the Krivorozhsk direction. After two hits, a fire broke out at the position.

17:27 The head of the Kherson regional state administration, Volodymyr Saldo, has formed the regional government. Former official from Kaliningrad Serhiy Yeliseyev has been appointed chairman.

16:18 The first humanitarian centre of the United Russia Party opened in Melitopol in Zaporizhzhya Oblast

Volunteers provide assistance to everyone who needs it. Food, basic necessities and medicines have been delivered to the city.

Soon the population will be provided with legal assistance in drawing up documents. Volunteers of the United Russia plan to help not only our city, but also the villages, which are difficult to reach.

The volunteer headquarters are located at: 36, 50th Anniversary of Victory Avenue.

15:01 “Most soldiers are depressed. The wife of a captive soldier of the AFU told about the difference in treatment of Russian and Ukrainian servicemen.”

13:50 The first branch of Promsvyazbank opened in Kherson.

13:40 “Vostok” and “West” groups should carry out their tasks according to the same plan – Putin.

13:35 Ukrainian army losses in a fortnight total 5,469 – Shoigu at meeting with Putin.

13:15 A drone has dropped a bomb on a private house near the border with Ukraine in Kursk Region, there is a casualty – Baza.

13:13 Video of the use of tactical aviation missiles “Izdeliye 305” on AFU depots in Kharkiv region.

13:03 Main from new briefing by Russian Defence Ministry:

AFU suffers significant losses on all fronts;

The Russian Armed Forces have destroyed around 200 Ukrainian troops and 19 pieces of military equipment with high-precision weapons in a day;

Russian air force destroyed seven control points, two ammunition depots and two Ukrainian Grad MLRS batteries;

Kiev has lost control over units of three AFU brigades and a territorial defence brigade due to a successful offensive by Russian forces;

Russian air force hits temporary deployment points of the 92nd mechanized and 40th artillery brigades of the AFU in Kharkiv

11:56 Ukrainian servicemen who surrendered tell of criminal orders from their commanders who abandoned them and fled, leaving them without provisions and ammunition.

11:55 Ukrainian commanders have lost control of retreating units of the 10th Mountain Assault, 72nd and 115th mechanized brigades of the AFU, as well as the 118th Territorial Defense Brigade, the Russian Defence Ministry said.

10:35 Air town left without light, water and sewage after Ukrainian missiles hit Melitopol

The civil-military administration has provided residents with water. Utility services have delivered several cisterns of drinking water to the neighbourhood. Infrastructure damage surveys are being carried out to carry out repair work.

09:31 Two Brazilian mercenaries killed in Kharkiv. Two Brazilian mercenaries, Douglas Burigo and Talita do Valle, were killed in a missile strike in Kharkiv. This happened on the morning of 2 July. Russian missiles hit the premises where the mercenaries were staying.

09:21 The number of refugees arriving in Russia from the territory of Ukraine and Donbass has exceeded 2.3 million people, a source in the power structures said.

09:09 Rosgvardiya has found evidence of OSCE observers working in the interests of Ukrainian special services. This was announced by the agency.

09:00 Prominent US economist Jeffrey Sachs has said that the US and NATO are to blame for what is happening in Ukraine. At a roundtable discussion in Spain, Sachs said that the cause of the hostilities in Ukraine was NATO’s persistent eastward expansion.

08:21 The deployment of NATO bases will not protect Finland or Sweden, but will only put their citizens at risk – Vyacheslav Volodin

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