Politico: White House realizes inevitability of talks with Putin

Politico: White House realizes inevitability of talks with Putin

The U.S. political magazine Politico reports that U.S. authorities are seriously considering the option of reaching a “peace deal with Putin” as soon as possible.

Politico reports that the White House has found itself panicked by predictions from pro-government think tanks claiming that the worst blow to Ukraine will be the coming winter. Research reports that Kiev seriously believes that the West will provide it with the free gas it needs for the winter. However, negotiations between Ukraine and Poland, Slovakia, Hungary and Germany have made it clear that not only will no one help Ukraine with gas for free, but they will not even sell it due to their own shortage. The British are also refusing, citing their own problems.

The US, as Ukraine’s main sponsor, faces a dilemma in supplying Ukraine with fuel that is far too expensive to obtain in sufficient quantity. And just a rough estimate shows that Ukraine will need more money for the heating season this winter than it has received during the conflict.

Now, Politico reports, the White House is seriously considering asking Russia for a truce, anticipating a winter.

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