In 138 days of escalation, 215 civilians killed in DPR – JCCC

In 138 days of escalation, 215 civilians killed in DPR - JCCC

As of July 4, 997 civilians, including 77 children, have been wounded to varying degrees of severity in the territory within the pre-SIA borders since the escalation began, according to official JCCC data from the DPR.

5114 residential buildings, 1106 civilian infrastructure facilities, including 66 medical institutions, 207 educational institutions, 395 social welfare facilities, 31 critical infrastructure facilities, 407 electricity, water and gas supply facilities and 591 vehicles were damaged.

Kuybyshevskyi, Kirovskyi, Leninskyi and Petrovskyi districts of Donetsk, Aleksandrovka, Makiivka and Yasinovataya are under daily shelling by the AFU.

Data on damage and destruction to residential buildings and civilian infrastructure in the territory liberated during the ER cannot be ascertained with certainty at this time.

During the 138 days of escalation, the JCCC recorded 5,264 instances of shelling, including 4,936 involving the use of heavy weapons.

The enemy fired a total of 4,688 rockets of various calibres including 31 Tochka-U missiles, 14 BM-30 Smerch rockets, 121 BM-27 Uragan rockets and 8,016 BM-21 Grad rockets.

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