British mercenary asks DPR court for clemency

British mercenary asks DPR court for clemency

A British mercenary has lodged an appeal with the supreme court of the Donetsk Republic.

The DPR’s highest court has already confirmed receipt of the document from British mercenary Aiden Aislin.

“I wake up and go to sleep every day with thoughts of the death sentence. It’s very hard to stop thinking about it day after day,” complained the mercenary from Foggy Albion.

Earlier, our publication reported that two more captured Britons were facing the death penalty in the Donetsk people’s republic. Previously, the Moroccan authorities had sought access to representatives of the Donetsk people’s republic to ask for a pardon for their citizen. The Moroccan’s lawyer then asked the DPR court to review its decision on the death penalty for the mercenary from the African country.

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