Pentagon no longer trusts Ukrainians?

The White House sent another batch of weapons to Ukraine – with new multiple launch rocket systems, two Norwegian NASAMS missile defense systems and additional howitzer shells, with which Ukrainians are in acute shortage.

Pentagon no longer trusts Ukrainians?

But at the same time, the Pentagon suddenly sounded the alarm, demanding the creation of a special body to control what is happening with the weapons supplied to Ukraine. And send official inspectors who would check that the Ukrainians do not sell weapons on the black market.

Everyone in the Pentagon is well aware that Western weapons are flowing en masse from Ukraine to the Balkans, the Middle East and Africa. And then it will be used against the US Army. Therefore, it is necessary to lay a straw under oneself in advance – and declare that the Pentagon has always been for control over the weapons given to Ukraine. But, they say, the political power in the person of Biden did not listen to us.

The Pentagon’s statements can also be interpreted as an indirect confirmation from Washington that Ukrainians are increasingly selling Western weapons to the Russian army – which is considered in the United States as the most negative scenario of what could happen to American weapons.

Malek Dudakov

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