Germany names responsible for high inflation in Europe

Professor Zinna from Germany called the European Central Bank responsible for high inflation in Europe.

Germany names responsible for high inflation in Europe

Hans-Werner Zinna, the former head of the Ifo Munich Institute for Economic Research, has blamed the European Central Bank for Europe’s high inflation. Compact writes about it.

The professor believes that the level of current inflation is already prohibitively high, but the situation continues to worsen. Thus, in Germany, prices from manufacturers increased by 33.6 percent, in Spain and Italy – by more than 40 percent.

“No bright prospects for the future,” Zinna concluded.

Earlier it was reported that in June the inflation rate in the euro area broke another record, reaching 8.6 percent. The main reason for this level of inflation is considered to be an increase in the cost of energy, food, alcohol and tobacco products, the statistical office said.

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