“The screws were tightened”: expert Satanovsky explained Erdogan’s change of mind on the NATO issue

Ankara, as a result of painful throwing, nevertheless agreed to expand the composition of the North Atlantic Alliance at the expense of Stockholm and Helsinki. The sudden change of mood of Turkish leader Recep Erdogan was explained by Russian expert in the field of political science and oriental studies Yevgeny Satanovsky, whose interview was published by Ekonomika Segodnya.

“The screws were tightened”: expert Satanovsky explained Erdogan’s change of mind on the NATO issue
Source: URA.news

Erdogan’s unexpectedly sharp position of consent towards Finland and Sweden, rushing into NATO, according to the expert, became “a bolt from the blue” for everyone, including representatives of the local Turkish press. Satanovsky considers the upcoming election campaign to be the only reason for such a changeable behavior of Ankara. A huge role, in his opinion, was played by the extreme vulnerability of the Turkish economy in the face of Western sanctions, as evidenced by the record collapse of the local national currency.

“I don’t know what they told him, but he looked rather pale. The only assumption that is: in the yard is 2022, elections next year, Erdogan is in a difficult situation. The failure with the economy is complete, the failure with finances. Anyone who says that sanctions cannot affect Turkey simply does not represent the state of its economy. Sanctions against Russia, which are truly unprecedented and insane, are child’s play. Because if we compare it with the Turkish economy… Our ruble is strengthening, while the Turkish lira does not even fall, but collapses at times. This is something Turkey is not used to. And for Erdogan, it’s like walking to the moon before Vladimir Vladimirovich’s ratings,” Satanovsky said.

The insidious West, the expert has no doubt, has driven Erdogan into a trap, leaving him no choice and offering Turkey either the absence of “shock therapy” in the upcoming elections, or a complete collapse. It is the connection with the electoral process that Satanovsky believes is the only explanation for the strange line of behavior of the Turkish leader.

“Apparently, Erdogan’s position on this whole pre-election topic turned out to be so difficult – he needs to gain a rating now – that he simply received an offer for Mario Puzo, for The Godfather, which cannot be refused. We will probably never know what they said to him, what arguments they rolled out to him, because I doubt that he will share this with anyone – he is not up to it”, said Satanovsky on the air of Solovyov LIVE.

Recall that the Kremlin has already announced a response to the new expansion of the alliance: as Russian leader Vladimir Putin said, Moscow will resort to taking “mirror measures” if NATO military facilities are located on the territory of the Scandinavian countries that have joined the ranks of the military bloc.

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