Denazification of Ukraine: operational summary (July 1, updated)

07:41 The first passenger buses began to run along the Crimea-Kherson route.

Denazification of Ukraine: operational summary (July 1, updated)
Source: Yandex Zen

On the border between the peninsula and the liberated territories, a separate lane will be organized for the movement of regular buses, the journey time will be 4 hours.

06:58 The work of specialists of the medical service of the Western Military District to provide medical assistance to needy civilians in the Kharkiv region

Military doctors in the liberated settlements of the Kharkiv region deployed mobile hospitals to provide first medical and first aid to civilians.

Personnel: Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation

05:16Missile strikes from Kherson on targets in Nikolaev

Above the city is a huge column of smoke at the site of the explosion.

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