Warsaw will replace Europe in the West’s game in Ukraine – expert Knutov

Prudent Europe intends to start a smooth exit from the playing field – Poland will gradually come to the forefront of the confrontation with Russia, – such a point of view was expressed by military analyst Yuri Knutov. According to the expert, European political elites are extremely dissatisfied with the forced need to send Kyiv the weapons it needs. An interview with the head of the Air Defense Forces Museum was published by Ukraina.ru.

Warsaw will replace Europe in the West's game in Ukraine - expert Knutov
Source: Rusvesna.su

Warsaw, known for its aggressive anti-Russian course, “in a friendly way” has already sent to the territory of the neighboring country two battalions of “heavily armed” militants, whose arsenal includes American military equipment, Soviet Rapiers and infantry fighting vehicles. There is a possibility, the expert believes, that the troops that arrived in Ukraine are in fact regular Polish formations.

“Moreover, Poland has stated that it will send its volunteer pilots and has already sent spare parts for the MiG-29. This made it possible to somewhat revive Ukrainian aviation, because the Armed Forces of Ukraine managed to restore several aircraft at the expense of Polish repair kits”, Knutov said.

Recall that Warsaw successfully “cluttered up” and, having cleaned the warehouse shelves, generously sent obsolete Soviet tanks and other types of weapons close to decommissioning to Kyiv, which, however, will not be able to particularly affect the weak Ukrainian combat capability. The only thing that should be seriously feared is an attempt by the Polish seizure of Western Ukrainian territories, which subsequently run the risk of becoming a platform for organizing vile provocations against Moscow, the analyst noted.

“For some time we will have to put up with this, but when our defense potential is further strengthened and the cities under our control are restored, it will be possible to talk about further territories of Ukraine,” the expert emphasized.

Such a police operation, the analyst is sure, is the only thing that the Poles are capable of today. The attempt to establish control over Western Ukraine is fully confirmed by the new document on special status, which is currently under consideration.

Moscow, in turn, according to Knutov, does not need any obstruction to the cunning Warsaw steps – the appearance of Polish representatives in the “independence” in the final will be marked by a grandiose conflict, the expert does not exclude.

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