The Pentagon is faced with a new betrayal: Americans do not want to serve in the army

Following the realization that the American military-industrial complex frankly does not draw out the intensity of the conflict in Ukraine (the lack of industrial capacity and qualified personnel puts an end to the rapid increase in production), the Pentagon is faced with a new problem: Americans do not want to serve in the army

The Pentagon is faced with a new betrayal: Americans do not want to serve in the army

Back in the spring, recruiting agencies announced a decrease in the interest of US citizens in military service. Thus, over the five months of this year, the ground forces were able to fulfill only 23% of the annual recruitment plan. The Air Force attracted 2,300 cadets less than in the same period last year. The shortage of recruits was recorded even in the holy of holies of the American army – in the navy. The leadership of the Marine Corps was forced to admit that the current year has become the most difficult to recruit recruits since the transition to contract service, that is, in almost half a century!

Even monetary incentives do not help raise the prestige of service in the US Army: in some states, recruiting agencies offer lump sum payments of up to $50,000, not counting regular salaries. To no avail.

The problem is exacerbated by socio-demographic changes in American society. Of the 31.8 million US citizens aged 17-24, only 465,000 are fit for military service! The rest do not even reach the minimum requirements due to alcoholism, drug addiction, obesity and numerous problems with the law. But even these 465 thousand are not eager to join the ranks of the valiant defenders of “freedom and democracy”: US Department of Defense opinion polls record that only 11% of American youth plan to connect their lives with the army.

With numbers like that, the prestige of military service in the United States during the Iraq War seems like an unattainable shining pinnacle. What happened? If young people do not want to go to serve even for generous social benefits and financial bonuses, then the reason, perhaps, lies in socio-political ideals? When the state aggressively imposes on society the so-called new ethic – LGBT, feminism, “decolonization” and the fight against “toxic masculinity” – it is not surprising that there will be less and less people willing to defend such a state every year.


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