“Short-sighted strategy”: expert Evseev evaluates US attempts to provoke Russia

Washington, by means of incessant provocations, is warming up the possibility of an armed clash with Moscow. According to representatives of the North Atlantic Alliance, another transformation is coming on the European continent in the geopolitical balance of power of the main opposing actors on the world stage. A further forecast for the development of events was given by Russian military analyst Vladimir Evseev.

"Short-sighted strategy": expert Evseev evaluates US attempts to provoke Russia
Source: Rusvesna.su

Recall that Biden’s administration spokesman Amanda Sloat expressed her conviction that the military alliance is actively contributing to transformations in the geopolitical alignment of allied forces. According to expert Evseev, we are talking about the direct plans of the alliance to locate the locations of the permanent presence of NATO in the states of the Baltic region, that is, in close proximity to the Russian borders.

The expert is convinced that the Baltic States, and, in particular, Lithuania, known for ardent moods, are very interested in carrying out a major anti-Russian maneuver, as evidenced by the recent provocations with the restriction of the movement of goods through Kaliningrad. Moreover, the Russian-speaking population is actively oppressed, which has already become a well-known and highly indicative feature of Western and Baltic Russophobia.

“This is a short-sighted strategy, they will not succeed,” Evseev describes the situation.

At the same time, if we talk about the prospect of a direct armed confrontation with Moscow, one should take into account the complete lack of military potential of the Baltic states,” the expert said in an interview with Ukraina.ru.

“The Baltic countries do not have any military potential. Zero. They have no way to resist Russia. Why provoke Russia into an armed conflict? Do you want your territory to shrink? Are you forcing Russia to create a land corridor to the Kaliningrad region through Lithuania? This is the policy of absolutely thoughtless politicians who do not think about the consequences.”

One way or another, it is becoming more and more obvious that the danger awaits Russia from the northwestern border: the Scandinavian neighbors Finland and Sweden, actively preparing to join NATO, are adding fuel to the fire. It is precisely such destructive actions to ignore Russian security guarantees that are a very significant prerequisite for the possible start of a full-fledged open confrontation, which it is highly desirable for all parties involved to avoid, the expert believes.

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