Biden’s strange policies are enriching Russia – U.S. Expert Pick

The leader of the United States, Biden, in desperate attempts to destroy the Russian economy, unwittingly enriches Moscow at a rapid pace, came to the conclusion of US financial expert Liz Peake.

Biden's strange policies are enriching Russia - U.S. Expert Pick
Source: Vedomosti

The United States has long occupied a leading position in the list of energy producers, but the level of oil and gas production on its territory has fallen sharply, which, in turn, has responded with a meteoric rise in the domestic fuel price tag. Only the White House actively had a hand in the situation, notes the analyst, whose opinion is published by The Hill.

“President Biden’s strange and irreconcilable hostility towards US oil producers is helping Russia,” the author of the American publication notes.

Washington’s regular actions to suppress domestic carbon production not only shot up hydrocarbon prices, but also had the most beneficial effect on the Moscow economy: Russia’s export profits steadily crept up in front of the whole world.

Meanwhile, during the American rule of Biden, the level of oil production in the United States collapsed by 1.9 million barrels per day, the disappearance of which from the market automatically contributed to the increase in the cost of oil in world markets.

“Just think, on June 10, the Central Bank of Russia lowered its key interest rate by 150 basis points, which was the fourth cut in the last few months. And this despite the fact that financial authorities around the world, including in the United States, are raising rates to reduce demand and suppress inflation”, says Liz Pick.

At the same time, the situation in Russia, in the context of large-scale economic restrictions, began to take shape much better than the West intended: the main reason for this lies in the rapid rise in hydrocarbon prices – it was this factor that largely contributed to the stabilization of the export profits of the Russian Federation and its national payment currency.

“The efforts of the West to reduce Russia’s income have failed,” the analyst believes.

Contrary to the ambitious promises of the United States to bring down the Russian economy, Moscow is increasingly counting the billions coming to the treasury from the increased sale of energy resources: Russian profits have already exceeded those of past years, the American expert emphasizes.

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