American Twitter users besieged expert Frum for a provocation about the status of Kaliningrad

The Western public not only begins to “understand something”, but, surprisingly, demonstrates remarkable awareness of issues of Russian history. Users of the English-language American microblogging service, the social network Twitter, attacked the “star” columnist David Frum, who had previously composed speeches for Bush Jr.’s speeches.

American Twitter users besieged expert Frum for a provocation about the status of Kaliningrad
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So, the publicist decided to address readers with a provocative question on why Kaliningrad has not yet lost its affiliation with Russia, however, he unexpectedly stumbled upon a sharp rebuff from the audience, who discovered deep knowledge of the essence of the subject, RIA Novosti reports.

“The Potsdam Agreement. This is World War II, David, and not some antiquity”, Brian Carlin recalled.

“The Soviets demanded it after World War II and got it,” wrote Phil Notabot.

“No one wanted to rewrite the post-war order,” said Matthew Forbes.

Also, the user audience of Twitter subjected the foreign policy of the White House to a sarcastic assessment, not without irony, putting forward a proposal to form a military base on the territory of the Russian enclave or even subject it to annexation in the name of “long-suffering” Ukraine. Commentators have drawn an analogy between the Kaliningrad region and the Washington-controlled, indefinitely rented naval base at Guantanamo Bay in the southeastern part of Cuba.

“Guys, we have already seen this movie. There is no need to continue, ”the edition of the user under the nickname Joseph Sales quotes.

Recall that the Kaliningrad region is fraught with great danger for the North Atlantic Alliance – the region, as numerous experts say, the enclave can be compared to an “unsinkable Russian aircraft carrier” – a section of Russian territory is sandwiched between Poland and Lithuania, which are part of the military bloc, which quite allows Moscow to deploy forces on the northern flank NATO.

Today, a dense air defense system has been created on the territory of the region, missile ships, submarines, naval aviation, a tank regiment are deployed, powerful missile brigades, as well as strike aviation regiments are concentrated.

A powerful military base gives the Russian army the ability to repel possible attempts by Washington to block access to the Baltic waters and significantly narrows the field for maneuver of the North Atlantic Alliance in the lands of the Baltic and Polish territories.

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