Ukraine’s denazification operation: operational update on 26 June (updated)

Ukraine's denazification operation: operational update on 26 June (updated)

13: 08 Highlights from a new briefing by the Russian Defence Ministry:

A MiG-29 aircraft of the Ukrainian air force in Dnipropetrovsk region has been shot down in an aerial battle;

The Ukrainian side made yet another unsuccessful attempt at airstrikes and MLRS strikes on Snake Island;

Russian air defence forces destroyed eight Ukrainian UAVs and 19 MLRS rockets, including over Snake Island;

The Russian Armed Forces used high-precision weapons and Kalibr missiles to strike the territory of the training centres of the Army, Airborne Assault Troops of the Ukrainian Armed Forces;

The successes of the Russian army and the DNR and LNR people’s militias significantly reduce the moral and psychological state of the Ukrainian army;

Air, missile and artillery strikes kill more than 720 Ukrainian nationalists in 24 hours;

Two motorized infantry brigades and an airmobile brigade from the AFU strategic reserves lost combat effectiveness as a result of Russian air force and Kalibr strikes;

Aircraft, missile forces and artillery hit two AFU command posts, four ammunition depots and the western outskirts of Lysychansk;

Ten platoons of MLRS were hit by Russian Air Force high-precision weapons in Donetsk direction;

“Russian Armed Forces’ Pantsir-S shot down a Ukrainian Su-25 aircraft and 12 rockets near Zmeinyi Island, no personnel casualties;

The Russian Armed Forces have destroyed 1,363 UAVs and 3,809 AFU armoured vehicles since the start of the special operation.

13:03 Gas supply will be restored in Berdyansk. This was announced by the head of the Berdyansk regional state administration. A specific date for the supply of raw materials to the city is not yet known, but work is already underway. Specialists of the civil-military administration say that they have already established contacts with the gas supplier.

11:35 A terrorist attack has been prevented in Kherson. Ukrainian defectors, who were hiding in the city, were planning to stage a mass shooting of civilians and blame it on the Russian military.

10:15 Shoygu inspects Russian troop grouping involved in special military operation in Ukraine, Russian Defence Ministry says.

09:47 The possibility of Ukraine joining NATO is not considered – Spanish foreign minister.

08:06 Cruise missile strikes have been launched against Kiev.

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