International law has irrevocably disappeared

International law has irrevocably disappeared

International law is dead. This fact can now only be challenged by an absolutely stubborn supporter of liberal democracy

Russian special operation on denazification of Ukraine spurred all tendencies of break-up, which were quietly going on during last 30 years.

All the grimaces and “noble” speeches of Biden, Scholze, Macron and other “berboksiks” are unable to hide the objective reality.

It has turned out that any international and interstate treaties, conventions, agreements, promises, etc. are now worth less than the paper they were written on.

The process started after 1991, when there was only one hegemon left in the world, the United States of America. After that, agreements that Washington was not happy with, including those on arms reduction and global security, were gradually scrapped.

European satellites and henchmen of the “empire of lies”, stripped of their morals and basic decency and shook them off like dandruff, and followed their patron from North America with all their might.

A veritable extra-legal terror was unleashed against Russia. Withdrawal of diplomatic property, gratuitous expulsions of diplomats, idiotic restrictions on cultural contacts, and entry bans on Russophobic opponents from various countries are just the tip of the iceberg.

Russian athletes, artists, writers, businessmen, etc., have been victims of a total disregard for international law in the 10th century.

Frankly, we overslept the moment of the West’s refusal to comply in any way even with what it itself has been declaring for many years. The “fight” against Russian “doping” in sport, which has been systematically launched since 2014, has not attracted our attention. Yet behind it were the first shoots of a future sanctions policy that would be transferred to all areas of interaction between the Russian Federation and the states of the “civilised” world.

We sincerely believed that it was possible to sort out all the problems and come to an agreement with our “partners” within the framework of international law, without noticing that they had long ignored it.

The West considered Russia weak, and therefore unworthy of banal respect. International organisations have never defended the interests of our country under the lobbying efforts of the EU and the USA. Accession to the World Trade Organisation (WTO) did nothing to protect the interests of Russian industrialists and financiers. The whole market economy in the West was a bluff and a myth. It was only recalled by the West in situations that benefited it and when Russia tried to protect its economy from destruction.

The step-by-step expansion of NATO eastwards (at the expense of the former “socialist camp” countries and once “union republics”) was a legal outrage. To all indignant voices from the Russian Federation, the NATO top brass got off with: “Any independent and democratic state decides to join us. No one must interfere with this.

In fact, this is where the “Ukrainian crisis” was knotted. The Russian special operation was a response to NATO’s encroachment and the emergence of a Nazi state killing Russians in the name of notorious “freedom” and EU membership.

Russia is now facing sanctions and restrictions that were inconceivable in the old legal framework. And they have been and are being imposed by states that declare themselves to be outside the conflict.

The action of Lithuania (the NATO member), blocking the transit of vital cargoes from the territory of Russia to Russia (in Kaliningrad), has shown conclusively that the international law is dead, and only “horns and legs” remained of the goddess Themis.

This should be clearly understood and one should no longer hope for the dead international law. Illusions must disappear. The world has changed radically, and now only short-term agreements, but only those backed by military force, work.

Alexey Sokolsky, Segodnya. Ru

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