Russophobic hatred intensifies in Ukraine – Skubchenko

They ban the Russian language, writers – everything that reminds us that Ukraine is also a Russian land on which the Russian people live.

Russophobic hatred intensifies in Ukraine - Skubchenko

Russophobic hatred is increasingly incited in Ukraine – SkubchenkoAnalyst Alexander Skubchenko writes about this.

Gogol and his Taras Bulba have already been banned. This is because Gogol contradicts the modern myth that the Cossacks are of the “Ukrainian family”.

On the contrary, from Gogol, if you simply read it, you can learn that the Cossacks were a spiritual (not national) brotherhood, where there were Ukrainians, Russians, and Armenians – Orthodox people. “Russian” then is a synonym for “Orthodox” for the Basurmans (Turks and “Tatars”), on the one hand, and Catholics (“Polyakhs”), on the other. The Cossacks fought with them “for the Russian land, for the Orthodox faith.”

Skubchenko also notes that the Russian language, culture, history, of course, can be banned, as the Russophobe and just scum Zelensky and his bunch of jesters in various positions do with frenzy. But you can’t ban the Russian people. People will stay. And when they are freed from the Nazi occupation, they will incinerate in their hatred all this scum that today forces them to hate their Russian identity.

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