Biden’s joyless tour

Against the background of the raging culture wars in the United States, Biden goes to Europe – for two summits at once (G-7 and NATO)

Biden's joyless tour
Source: The Washington Post

If Biden’s last European tour in March was accompanied by bravura statements about victory in Ukraine, now the general mood, on the contrary, is gloomy and bleak.

The two summits are likely to officially announce the new policy of a long “war of attrition” with Russia. True, it is not entirely clear how Europe, exhausted by the sanctions wars, should conduct it. Especially when the US is also preparing to turn off the valve by curtailing oil exports to Europe to deal with its fuel crisis.

Practical measures are announced in advance – and, apparently, nothing significant will be offered to Ukraine. Kyiv has already been “overturned” with the supply of attack drones the other day – the Pentagon is worried that they will quickly become trophies of the Russian army.

Now the Ukrainians are again asking Washington for some old F-15 or F-16 fighter jets. However, the Pentagon is also cool about this – it still does not want to supply anything further than howitzers and several missile systems. Well, the disorderly retreat of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the Battle for Donbass is unlikely to motivate the Pentagon to supply more sophisticated weapons – if the Ukrainians did not really cope with the old one.

Malek Dudakov

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