White House explains why Ukraine is not given certain types of weapons

Member of the US Security Council John Kirby says the components of military assistance to Kyiv depend on the course of hostilities.

White House explains why Ukraine is not given certain types of weapons
Source: antimaydan.info

Asked why President Joe Biden sometimes refuses to provide lethal weapons to Ukraine, John Kirby, coordinator for strategic communications at the US National Security Council, said that the United States is changing the components of military assistance to Ukraine due to changes in the course of hostilities.

Earlier, Reuters reported that the United States suspended the sale of MQ-1C Gray Eagle drones to Ukraine over fears that their equipment could fall into the hands of Russian specialists. This could “pose a security threat to the United States if it falls into Russian hands,” the agency said.

“We work with Ukraine on a daily basis about what their capacity gaps are, what their needs are. The reason is we want to keep it relevant to what’s happening on the battlefield,” Kirby said at the briefing.

The coordinator explains that initially it was more about anti-tank and anti-aircraft systems – Javelin and Stinger – as the situation developed, the United States began to supply artillery and train Ukrainians in its use.

“As the war evolves and the war develops, their needs evolve and our contribution evolves,” Kirby said, arguing that the US allegedly avoids actions that lead to escalation, and traditionally blamed Russia for this.

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