“Triple move”: expert Khazin revealed Lithuania’s cunning plan to discredit Russia

According to Russian economic and political expert Mikhail Khazin, behind the vile actions of Vilnius regarding the blockade of land transportation of goods to the Kaliningrad region is an insidious joint collusion with Poland, once again aimed at total discrediting of Russia.

"Triple move": expert Khazin revealed Lithuania's cunning plan to discredit Russia
Source: Gazeta.ru

The situation is gaining new momentum: the “Polish tail” is clearly visible behind the organization of the provocation by Vilnius: Warsaw seriously intends to occupy Western Ukrainian territories by sending its own military contingent to these areas.

Khazin believes that it is the recent provocation of Lithuania with the transit of goods through Kaliningrad that will be a red herring as a new political entity – Poland – enters the big game of European confrontation.

In addition, given that now the Ukrainian borders are filled with troops of the Russian Federation and Belarus, seeking to prevent a possible invasion of Polish troops into Western Ukrainian territories, Lithuania, in a cunning way, having agreed with Warsaw, is trying to “lure them out” from there.

“All these actions are carried out with the sole purpose of ensuring the easiest possible entry of Polish troops into the territory of Ukraine,” says Khazin.

In turn, Polish troops do not lag behind, increasing activity and numbers around the Ukrainian border. The analyst believes that the United Kingdom has also enthusiastically joined the conspiracy between Poland and Lithuania – only the EU continues to stubbornly repeat that no actions are planned to join the neighboring state. Thus, the Western countries have conceived a tricky triple move with respect to Russia.

The expert added that all this is happening against the backdrop of soaring prices, record inflation and an impending global recession, a sharp increase in the cost of living, as well as food, energy and migrant crises.

“EU politicians will now begin to jump off responsibility. And they need to be caught on this”, he said.

Recall that Vilnius announced the blocking of the transit of goods by rail between the Kaliningrad region and other Russian regions: in particular, the ban applies to goods included in the EU sanctions list. According to available data, a veto is imposed on almost half of the cargo transportation between the Kaliningrad region and the rest of the territory of the Russian Federation – up to 50% of the nomenclature turned out to be under restrictions, including building materials, cement and metals.

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