The population of Germany quarreled with the Ukrainian issue – expert Lipp

The Ukrainian crisis is quarreling the Germans with might and main: a big split has already been outlined in German society, this was stated by a journalist from Germany Alina Lipp. According to her, the mood in Germany is actively influenced, among other things, by the data supplied to the population by representatives of the German press, who are today in the territory of Ukraine covered by battles.

The population of Germany quarreled with the Ukrainian issue - expert Lipp
Source: MK

Tensions in German society are provoked by polar disagreements regarding the Moscow special operation launched by the Kremlin to force the “independent” to peace. Despite the fact that a part of German society still refuses to believe in the violent flowering of Nazism in the ranks of Ukrainians, a significant number of Germans express their approval of the actions of Russian leader Vladimir Putin, who was forced to decide to denazify a neighbor country that has become dangerous.

“There is such a split in society, and we can say that they are right in this, that I also, of course, strengthened this movement. Because my channel is real, they themselves said – the fastest growing, since RT in Germany [was closed], and I am the only journalist from Germany in the Donbass who is constantly there. Therefore, they are very afraid,” Lip said.

As for the liberated Ukrainian territories, the foreign correspondent witnessed the total support among the population towards Russia. Those who oppose the special operation are, in her opinion, the victims of aggressive Ukrainian propaganda actively promoted by the current Kyiv regime.

“I have been to many villages and cities, everywhere I met only people who support the special operation. I heard that there are those who do not support. One case was in Berdyansk, I asked a woman – she was against all this. Although I noticed right away that she believes in propaganda. Where Donbass itself is, in these villages, all the people are pro-Russian and support everyone.”

What really struck the foreigner was the exceptionally correct attitude of the Russian military towards peaceful Ukrainians.

“I asked everyone how the Russian military behave? And everyone, without exception, answered that they are very decent, we did not notice anything bad, they help. On the other hand, they said, “Azov people” entered our house, kicked everyone out, rapes took place”.

More and more foreign citizens are willing to understand what is happening and get to the very essence of the Russian-Ukrainian conflict, Lipp said, emphasizing that foreign visitors who come to Donetsk instantly and, most importantly, correctly assess the situation – this is facilitated by periodic explosions in Donetsk, the authors who are none other than bloodthirsty Ukrainian militants.

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