“Mobilization is needed”: expert Starikov explains EU’s desire to expel Ukrainian men

Russian political expert, head of the BaltNews news agency Andrei Starikov commented on the EU’s intention to expel the Ukrainian male population – such a step, in his opinion, demonstrates two fundamental points at once.

“Mobilization is needed”: expert Starikov explains EU’s desire to expel Ukrainian men
Source: RBC

The first thing that the expulsion of men by the European Union speaks eloquently is an acute shortage of human resources in the ranks of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the analyst noted, stressing that frequent statements about the indefatigable desire of the States and Europe to fight against Russian troops “to the last Ukrainian” are by no means devoid of literal meaning.

“And the last Ukrainian is already on the horizon. The last one who is ready to defend Zelensky’s criminal regime, to defend Bandera’s ideals. Therefore, there are not enough people, and mobilization is necessary. And it is not limited to the territories of the former Ukraine.”

Meanwhile, the mobilization, the expert believes, will affect not only Ukraine, but will hardly bypass both the population of the Baltic countries and the Poles known for anti-Russian rhetoric.

“There are quite a lot of men of military age there, so they will be taken out there too. There should be no illusions that the EU will protect. Supporting directly or indirectly the criminal power of Kyiv, you will have to pay for it with your life or fight in the war that Kyiv started, supported by the West”, the expert noted.

Starikov also recalled the attitude of Western friends towards Kyiv, which was close to defeat, actively assuring the latter of providing the necessary “protection” in the confrontation with Russia.

“Someone went to the West and took refuge there. Now they are deprived of temporary shelter, they are promised to be thrown into a meat grinder. What is the Ukrainian government doing now? This is from desperation, understanding the real picture on the battlefield. After all, they are showering the eastern part of Ukraine with human resources. They understand what gigantic losses there are, that there is no command, and the decision-making center does not control the situation”, the political scientist said.

As for Zelensky, according to the expert, in an effort to prove selfless devotion to Western curators, and to please them, he is able to make any sacrifices. There is also the usual fatigue from the influx of migrants from Europe.

“Statements about the planned expulsion of Ukrainian men from the EU are an indicator of who these people are for Europeans. Plus, the Europeans themselves are tired of the situation: we don’t need refugees or the consequences of your adventure”, the expert noted.

Meanwhile, the Ukrainian male population of draft age is trying in every possible way to leave the territory of their own country: many are trying to give bribes at the borders or get out of Ukraine with forged documents, others even try to cross the border, bypassing the checkpoint.

Meanwhile, Kyiv continues forced mobilization in regions close to the hot zones: according to the Russian Ministry of Defense, Ukrainian militants are blocking the exit from the Dnepropetrovsk, Kharkiv and Zaporozhye regions. Security forces, without ceremony, detain men of all ages.

As Head of Chechnya Ramzan Kadyrov previously reported, Ukrainian nationalists are resorting to kidnapping local residents, forcing them to take up arms and go to battle. In this case, we are talking not only about men of military age, but also about the elderly.

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