“Finished”: sanctions against Russia freeze European production

European countries continue to “sip from their own well” and catch boomerangs. Large-scale losses are incurred by big business – the number of enterprises suspending their activities due to high energy prices due to unprecedented sanctions massively imposed against Russia is actively growing.

“Finished”: sanctions against Russia freeze European production
Source: Rusvesna.su

More and more European countries are beginning to publicly announce both plans and the actual blocking of the functioning of industrial enterprises caused by the fuel and energy crisis that has flared up, which has become an unprecedented sanctions boomerang.

Now Romania has added to the list of such states – Azomureş, one of the largest enterprises in the country, has officially announced the threat of stopping the production of fertilizers as a result of a sharp increase in energy prices.

According to the company’s representatives, the temporary paralysis of the plant’s activity is explained by the sharp rise in prices for blue fuel (50 euros per megawatt/hour). According to the management, the rapid rise in price tags was caused by an incident at a liquefied natural gas terminal in the United States, interruptions in the logistics of exporting raw materials, as well as a global rise in the cost of energy resources.

In particular, the reason for the suspension of the plant’s activities was the reduction in the volume of ammonia reserves, which is an integral part of the production of fertilizers. As long as the volume of reserves does not lose the ability to meet the needs of production, the plant will continue to function. A temporary suspension will become inevitable when the substance is in acute shortage.

The problem is compounded by the fact that the number of employees exceeds a thousand employees – this is not the first time the latter are faced with the need to work without vacations – the last downtime in the history of the enterprise ended in April 2022. It is possible that this, in turn, may also contribute to the active escalation of the social crisis caused by workers’ strikes.

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