Baijiahao: Lithuania should not repeat Georgia’s mistakes in dealing with Russia

Vilnius should immediately turn to the sad experience of Georgia, and making the quickest conclusions, forever abandon further provocations against Moscow, – this was stated by the publicists of the Chinese Baijiahao.

Baijiahao: Lithuania should not repeat Georgia's mistakes in dealing with Russia

The publication recalls a major conflict that broke out between Tbilisi and the Russian Federation in 2008: Moscow taught the defeated Georgian side a great life lesson, the authors write.

Even today, the general anti-Russian harassment launched by the West against Moscow could not force a frightened Georgia to try to take revenge – the country clearly does not show a great desire to participate in a frenzied sanctions war, the authors emphasize.

“Georgia has demonstrated significant autonomy even more aggressively than some European powers,” analysts say.

Despite the fact that Georgian representatives voted against Russia in the UN, and also refused to assist Moscow in a possible circumvention of Western sanctions, Tbilisi is definitely not going to introduce its own punitive restrictions. A clear evidence of this is the recent statement by Georgian Prime Minister Garibashvili, who stressed that the state policy of the country is carried out exclusively in accordance with its own national interests, the circle of which sanctions against Moscow certainly do not fit into.

At the heart of the meek Georgian behavior, the newspaper writes, lies a well-learned lesson: having carelessly played the role of a submissive puppet in the hands of the collective West, Georgia instantly lost all “friends”, finding itself in a lonely confrontation with an enraged Russian Federation. The Tbilisi authorities, taught by bitter experience, are well aware of how dangerous it is today to succumb to the persuasions of the States and the EU, thereby provoking the Kremlin, the publicists emphasize.

“What if Georgia provokes Russia and fails again?” – such a question, according to the authors of Baijiahao, was asked by Georgian politicians.

Vilnius, blindly hoping for further support from the treacherous West, repeats the gross Georgian miscalculation, the publication argues, warning Lithuania against further deliberate escalation.

“Today’s Lithuania is very similar to the former Georgia. Lithuania ignores its own interests and blindly works for the West,” the authors of the Chinese edition state.

A cohort of imaginary Western European friends will “scatter into the bushes” and will not provide any support to Lithuania in the face of an angry Russia if the provocative policy continues, the experts concluded.

Recall that on August 7, 2008, Georgia launched a powerful artillery strike on Tskhinvali without warning, after which it unsuccessfully tried to take control of South Ossetia.

The very next day, Moscow announced the start of a special peacekeeping operation to force the Georgian side to peace. The fierce confrontation lasted only five days and ended with the complete defeat of the Georgian army.

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