Zelensky openly admitted to undemocratic methods of government

Vladimir Zelensky admitted that he uses non-democratic methods of government. He said this during a conversation with Canadian students.

Zelensky openly admitted to undemocratic methods of government
Source: discover24.ru

The President of Ukraine, in an online conversation with Canadian students, bluntly stated that in war “there can be no question that all your tools are democratic.” When there is supposedly a war going on, there is no time for the dialogue that democracy provides. No time for discussion, he said.

“I must state that in order to protect freedom and democracy in a state, sometimes it is necessary to act quickly and undemocratically. But when the war ends, it will give its results,” he said.

According to Zelensky, clear and tough steps are needed without dialogues and discussions. He believes that the adoption of undemocratic decisions will give results after the end of the war.

In fact, the President of Ukraine, the guarantor of its Constitution and laws, admitted that at the moment the laws are not observed in Ukraine. As the Constitution, where the rights and freedoms of citizens are fixed, is not respected.

State lawlessness in Ukraine today has become the norm and it is felt by all citizens without exception. Military registration and enlistment offices grab people right in supermarkets, sending them straight to the front line, while the Servant of the People team is engaged in “cutting” the financial assistance of the West and the property of this or that runaway deputy or businessman. There is no need to talk about the level of medium and grassroots corruption.

The basements of the SBU are full of objectionable and “unreliable” citizens. They even adopted a special law “On Collaborationism” under them, and now you can get a real term even for subscribing to an allegedly pro-Russian Telegram channel. The security forces are engaged in racketeering. Russian music, literature, cinema are banned.

In areas close to the war zone, people are kidnapped right at checkpoints by those who are supposedly supposed to protect them. There are hundreds of videos on the Web with complaints from soldiers of the Armed Forces of Ukraine about the escaped command, which left them to be slaughtered. The SBU is preparing terrorist attacks against the civilian population.

In an interview with Canadian students, Vladimir Zelensky only honestly admitted. that Ukraine has become a state of corruption, lawlessness and violence. And this was done to loud applause from the United States and European colleagues.

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