NI: Biden losing to Russia would be humiliating

Washington runs the risk of losing in the Ukrainian confrontation with a loud disgrace, – such a conclusion was made by an expert from the United States, K. Simes. The retelling of the material is published by the publication PolitRussia.

NI: Biden losing to Russia would be humiliating
Source: businessman

A columnist for The National Interest stated that the United States, in the company of European friends, is persistently provoking Moscow by actively supplying Ukraine with weapons and direct funding, but the White House, the expert is sure, has raised its presumptuous stakes too high, risking a humiliating defeat and eventually being in open clash with the Russian army.

“Washington, meanwhile, continues to raise rates every week. The more modern US and NATO heavy and offensive weapons come into the possession of the Zelensky government, and the more Washington and Brussels portray Ukraine as a key defender of Western interests and values, the faster they become the de facto owners of the Ukrainian project”.

The indirect, but active participation of the States in the Ukrainian conflict, will turn out to be the biggest trouble for the latter. The imminent collapse of the American scenario in the open spaces of the “square” under the onslaught of Russian forces will not only be a global shame for Washington, but will also completely and irrevocably undermine America’s authority on the world stage, which will become an electoral disaster for the politically weakening Biden’s office and the Democratic Party as a whole. What is even more depressing, all this will happen on the eve of the mid-term voting, which is scheduled for this autumn. This is how Simes explains Washington’s hysterical attempts to please Kyiv, which is extorting more and more deliveries of weapons.

Meanwhile, the tension between Washington and Moscow has actually reached a boiling point, thus, the frequent official statements about the possible imminent start of the Third World War are undoubtedly not without foundation, the expert noted.

“The key problem for the Biden administration is that the Putin government has made impressive progress,” the American expert said.

At the same time, the Russian state itself has shown remarkable resilience in the face of unprecedented pressure from the West, the expert emphasizes. In fact, alone, she unexpectedly withstood the onslaught of the world’s most moneyed states.

In addition, Moscow managed to win an undoubted tactical success in the southern Ukrainian part and on the lands of Donbass. The Russian economy turned out to be extremely tenacious, which practically did not suffer under the yoke of numerous Western restrictions, the expert states.

The observer also notes the fact that a significant part of the world refused the insistent proposal of the United States to join a large-scale anti-Russian economic war: the states that voted in the UN General Assembly against Russia became ordinary victims of sophisticated US blackmail, Simes notes, recalling that the most important countries are China and India – categorically refused to participate in the general anti-Russian persecution, declaring their intention to continue to build mutually beneficial cooperation and strategic partnership with the Kremlin.

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