Expert Satanovsky ridicules Zelensky’s oaths “not to shoot at Russia”

Empty promises addressed by Kyiv to Scholz not to use heavy weapons against Russia will not be kept, Yevgeny Satanovsky, an expert in economics and political science, does not doubt for a moment. The interview is published by PolitRussia.

Expert Satanovsky ridicules Zelensky's oaths "not to shoot at Russia"

The analyst sarcastically criticized the naive speeches of the German Minister of Defense Lambrecht, who enthusiastically spoke about Ukrainian oaths about using German-supplied weapons exclusively for self-defense.

“I wonder if all of Ukraine promised her (Christine Lambrecht – ed.)? Or someone specific? And who exactly?” the expert asks.

Subversive Kyiv attacks have recently become more frequent – Ukrainian troops are making attempts to attack Russian strategic targets. Kyiv deception is extremely obvious for the expert, however, he is more interested in the question: why the people around are being misled by the Bundestag itself.

“To what extent the German defense ministers do not understand anything in this life!” Satanovsky is outraged.

According to the expert’s suspicions, the German government is well aware of the fact how exactly the modernized weapons sent to Ukraine are used: by continuing to pump up the Armed Forces of Ukraine with weapons and military equipment, the Germans are once again participating in providing direct support to Nazism, Satanovsky is sure.

The analyst has no doubts that the Russian army will still have to deliver major blows to decision-making centers located in Ukrainian territories and representing the key nodes of the logistics operations of the Armed Forces of Ukraine. However, we can talk not only about Ukraine.

“By those where these decisions are actually made. London is there, Washington, Brussels, Paris, Warsaw… Again, Berlin is next in line. And everything will immediately become much easier. There will be no need to take any promises from anyone, which no one is going to and will not fulfill anyway”, summed up Yevgeny Satanovsky.

Recall that earlier the Ministry of Defense of the Russian Federation announced a strike on the command post of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, the consequence of which was the elimination of more than fifty servicemen of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, among them the highest military ranks: generals and officers. The maneuver was carried out with the help of high-precision Caliber cruise missiles near the village of Shirokaya Dacha (Dnipropetrovsk region). An accurate strike led to the defeat of a key decision-making node: a working meeting was just taking place in the location.

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