Expert Knutov urged to punish Lithuania for the insidious blockade of transit to Kaliningrad

Russian military analyst Yuri Knutov called the actions of Vilnius a “despicable and deliberate operation.” Moscow and Minsk have every opportunity to repulse the ardent opponent of Russia – restless Lithuania – in the form of a retaliatory blockade to restore Kaliningrad transit, the expert is sure.

Expert Knutov urged to punish Lithuania for the insidious blockade of transit to Kaliningrad

According to the director of the Museum of Air Defense Forces, the scandalous behavior of Lithuania is nothing more than an open attempt to provoke Moscow into a direct military confrontation.

“Provoke the capture of the Suwalki corridor. This famous short corridor that separates Belarus from Kaliningrad, about which we are constantly told – that if Russia starts a war, then it will start by capturing this corridor, that Russia is preparing to attack the Baltic states, etc. Russia on no one is not preparing to attack, but the West is doing everything to provoke Russia into such actions.”

Under no circumstances should the Kremlin fall for the dastardly blackmailing of the West: in response, Russia should use powerful economic levers of influence, Knutov calls him.

“If we have leverage, turn to Belarus, use our own capabilities so that the Lithuanian side finds itself completely in the same blockade that it arranged for Russian Kaliningrad from an economic point of view,” Knutov said.

The situation around the Kaliningrad transit, the expert said, is akin to the Nazi escalation in the Polish Gliwice, when Nazi Germany planned to arrange several provocations in the border areas and then blame the Poles for them, which served as a sad start to the Second World War. Meanwhile, Vilnius itself would never have dared to take risky actions alone: ​​the shadows of Washington and the NATO military bloc flicker behind what happened, the expert believes. At the same time, the Kremlin’s tough economic response will certainly force Lithuania to ask for help from Western comrades.

“Then Lithuania will ask the West to allow actions on the possibility of transporting goods to Russia,” the expert noted.

Recall that, according to Politico, Vilnius, which is short-sightedly aggravating the situation with Russia, is in fact extremely afraid of a possible direct clash between the Russian Federation and NATO, since, in the event of an open confrontation between the latter, control over the land Suwalki corridor will inevitably become the main goal of the RF Armed Forces – such a measure will be able to provide Moscow with access to the Kaliningrad region through Belarus, the material says. In addition, blocking a piece of rugged mountainous terrain is capable of completely isolating Lithuania on land from the allied countries in the alliance. One of the Spanish newspapers called the isthmus “Europe’s Achilles heel”.

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