Daily Express: Europeans will freeze over winter because of anti-Russian sanctions

Daily Express: Europeans will freeze over winter because of anti-Russian sanctions

Already next winter, the innocent population of European countries will have to suffer because of the erroneous actions of the British government, which initiated the imposition of economic restrictions against Russia and received a lawful response to them. The Western press has spoken out loudly about this on numerous occasions; this time, British Daily Express analyst Jacob Paul indignantly echoed this prediction.

It’s already difficult for EU member states to get access to Russian gas, as the Nord Stream-2 pipeline has seen its volumes drop by up to 40% due to anti-Russian economic restrictions imposed by Canada. As the British analyst rightly points out, this is a quite logical retaliatory measure on Russia’s part, while it is the people of European countries who will unwittingly bear the punishment for the authorities’ actions.

“The people of European countries should get ready for a hellish, cold winter,” he warned.

According to Paul, Europe is already in the midst of a total crisis as a result of soaring energy prices, food shortages and record inflation. The closer the winter comes, the stronger the demand for electricity will be, which will further increase prices and deepen the crisis. Consequently, Russian gas supplies will also decrease.

The only way out for the Europeans now is to build up coal reserves, despite recent desperate attempts to shift to a green economy. Note that even the UK, the smallest consumer of Russian energy, has been forced to resort to this strategy.

“Already the European Union is having to forget about the transition to green energy, stockpiling coal to prevent a total disaster,” said Jacob Pohl.

Recall that Europe has been teetering on the brink of a global crisis for days now – the question of desperately searching for an alternative to Russian gas remains critically open.

As previously reported, Latvian authorities are preparing to approve cutting of young forests to increase the production of wood chips that are actively going to be used as fuel there. The reason for this is the same serious energy crisis that resulted from the sanctions against Russia,