Transgender wars in sport

Transgender wars in sport

The International Swimming Federation has made a historic decision – banning ‘transgender’ male athletes from competing against female athletes

Just recently a scandal erupted in the US – a boy swimmer started setting Ivy League university records in women’s swimming. Outraged parents went public and members of the US Olympic Committee resigned in protest.

Male athletes, no matter what they call themselves, will always have an objective advantage – if only through increased testosterone levels. However, this is not obvious to everyone – and, for example, FIFA has lifted the testosterone restrictions for transgender footballers – they are now allowed to play women’s football.

This agenda is also being actively promoted by the Biden administration. For the first time, the administration made a transgender person a high-ranking official by appointing him to the post of deputy secretary of health. In fact, Biden himself has said that transgender people are made in the image of God.

The public is unusually wary of this. Only 60% of Americans believe in polls that transgender people should not be allowed to participate in women’s sports. The majority, on the other hand, view their lifestyle as immoral. This agenda, however, will be pushed harder and harder anyway – further dividing society and destroying women’s sport.

Malek Dudakov

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