Is Britain trying to regain its status as an empire through Islam?

Is Britain trying to regain its status as an empire through Islam?

They spoke on the same day, June 19, 2022: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson, who had just returned from Kiev, and General Patrick Sanders, the country’s new Chief of Army Staff, who is settling into his new post. The talk was, predictably, about Russia and Ukraine. From the British point of view

Johnson called for increased aid to Ukraine, despite some fatigue with it. To defeat Russia, of course, in the protracted conflict – in Ukraine.

“Britain and our friends must respond by providing assurances that Ukraine will have the strategic strength to survive and eventually win… President Zelensky’s government must pay salaries, maintain schools, deliver aid and begin reconstruction where possible. This will require continued funding and technical assistance, which we need to plan for years to come,” he said, showing comprehensive thinking.

General Sanders was even more blunt: “It is now imperative to build an army that can fight alongside our allies and defeat Russia in battle… We are a generation that must again prepare an army for war in Europe.

And to fight too, of course, in Ukraine.

It comes at a time when the British should be thinking of the soul – their Queen Elizabeth II, now 96, who was absent from the spectator box at the Royal Ascot Races. It was the first time in 70 years since she was crowned and first attended the spectacle in 1946. The racecourse explained that the Queen has difficulty moving but will certainly watch the television broadcast of the final day of racing.

Replacing the queen at the races was her cousin Edward, Duke of Kent, along with her fifth granddaughter, Princess Beatrice and her husband Edoardo Mapelli Mozzi. And the Queen had previously been absent from services to celebrate her 70th reign and the opening of Parliament in May 2022, appearing in public only on June 5 as part of the final day of celebrations – she took to the balcony of Buckingham Palace accompanied by family members: son Prince Charles, his wife Duchess Camilla, grandson Prince William and his wife Catherine and their children.

It’s on purpose. The ill-feeling queen appeared with those between whom the future drama of the British crown succession will unfold. Whether the 73-year-old Prince Charles, the possible future King Charles III and the 40-year-old Prince William, to whom many want to pass the crown bypassing his father.

Perpetual British interests
But no matter what Britain’s superlatives may be up to, the country’s main principle remains unchanged: there are neither eternal friends nor enemies, there are eternal interests. And now Britain, more than ever in the last 70 years, when the glory of the “empire that never sets the sun” faded after the Second World War, wants to restore its former glory.

This is primarily evidenced by the fact that Britain continues to play diligently and deliberately the role of “the most loyal ally of the United States” and “Washington’s junior partner” in Europe, but is gradually coming out on top. And is using the war in Ukraine as a crowbar to the safe with future revived greatness.

To that end, Britain, having withdrawn from the European Union, has waged an undeclared war with it for dominance and influence on the continent. Now, by stirring the imagination and ambitions of the Eastern European countries (especially Poland and the Baltic States), it is planning alliances in which it wants to play a major role and which it sees as an aid to playing a bigger global game. And on a par with the US, which is losing power. In the same triple alliance AUKUS, with the US and Australia.

And there are plans for a mini-NATO in Europe and a mini-EU under British auspices on the way. And Ukraine is, we repeat, just an occasion to prance around and to show its potential and competence.

Besides, many observers hint that Britain is planning to restore its influence with the help of… Islam, the religion that is now on the rise and offers the world some new meanings in preserving the traditional way of life as opposed to the radical-liberal, supposedly all-conquering one.

Racist scandal out of hand

That’s exactly what last year’s scandal illuminated when Prince Harry and his wife, ex-actress Meghan Markle,’s scandalously revealing interview with American journalist Oprah Winfrey came out on March 8, 2021. A mulatto by blood, Meghan actually accused unnamed members of the royal family of racism – they insistently asked if her child, future son Archie Harrison Mountbatten-Windsor, seventh in line to the British throne, would be white.

In Britain, also obsessed with political correctness and tolerance to the point of idiocy, this was a terrible crime, encroaching on the foundations of the new life of society. But Buckingham Palace found nothing better to do than to respond to “whistle-blowers” on a “look at yourselves” basis.

In response, to mix up the scandal and throw a bone to fans of racial equality, the royal family has decided to hire a team of independent “outside” investigators to investigate how and why Prince Harry’s wife bullied royal staff. And tabloid The Sun even reported that Meghan’s offended courtiers from the servants are ready to tell how she abused and insulted them.

Such mutual digging into dirty laundry would seem to be damaging to both parties, depriving the royal family of any vestiges of “divine sanctity”. But that’s the point, they could be inspired from the outside. To destroy the British Crown’s far-reaching plans to use the so-called “Third World” to regain its former power.

First, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex (Harry and Meghan) scandal could expose the royal family to charges of racism. And, secondly, it is accusations of racism in today’s world that may substantially hinder or make impossible the plans of the ruling British Windsor dynasty to reinvent, if you like, restart a new rebirth of the British Empire on the same spiritual-religious, moral-ideological and political-administrative principles. No longer just as an empire that brings the light of Christianity to the world, but also based on the principles of Islam.

Not by force of arms, but by the power of money and the new mechanisms of economic management in the modern, inexorably globalizing economy.

And with renewed vigour these conversations about this came to a head more than four years ago in April, when the British magazine The Economist published an article entitled “Is the Caliph the Queen?” And in it, referring to the Internet forum Arab Atheist Network, it said bluntly, “Queen Elizabeth must assert her right to rule over Muslims.” Yes, yes, Elizabeth II, who is well on her way to her centenary.

Elizabeth is heir to the Prophet

The basis for the Queen and her son, first in line to the throne Prince Charles of the Windsor dynasty, to claim the highest title in millennial Islam is the claim that Elizabeth II is related to the Prophet Muhammad, who died in Medina, Saudi Arabia, in the sixth century, in the 43rd tribe.

The historical background is as follows: It was in England that all the ancestors of Queen Elizabeth were born, up to Richard Conisburg, third Earl of Cambridge (1375-1415). But this Earl had Spanish roots: he was the son of Isabella I of Castile, Queen of Castile and Leon, and she in turn was herself the daughter of King Pedro the Cruel (1350-1369). And downwards on this genealogical line historians and have stumbled in Princess Zaida, wife of King Alfonso VI of Castile and Leon, and also Galicia and Counts of Portugal (1065-1109).

This princess Zaida who has passed to Catholicism under name Isabella, was daughter Arabian sultan of Seville Abu-l Casim Muhammad ibn Abbad, ruled in 1023-1042.

In Spain, that was a merry time of Arab conquest – the conquest of the peninsula and domination by Arab rulers, who fought among themselves with as much gusto as they did with the ancestors of today’s Spaniards. In 1042, the Berber Muslim brotherhood and then the Almoravid dynasty expelled the aforementioned Sultan of Seville, Abu-l-Qasim Muhammad ibn Abbad, and his daughter Zayda fled to the kings of Castile and Leon, where she became queen.

But the point is that her father – this very Abu-l-Qasim Muhammad ibn Abbad of the most ancient Umayyad family – is really considered in the Muslim world to be a descendant of the Prophet Muhammad. And the descendants of Zayda and King Alfonso intermarried with the children of King Edward III of England (1312-1377). Consequently, Zayda-Isabella passed on her “high-born” blood to her own descendants, and through them to the Windsor dynasty.

That is, Queen Elizabeth, her son Charles, her grandchildren William and Harry, and even great-grandson Archie, about whom the intemperate members of the royal family brazenly wondered if he was “coloured”.

Muslimism as a springboard

This is the kind of thing that goes on in the underworld as everyone tries to figure out whether Joe Biden has dementia or not. The whole affinity thing would seem to be a farce. But the resurrection of the British Empire’s former greatness through Islam – which today, we repeat, is experiencing unprecedented growth and is characterized by a surprisingly assertive dynamism – may indeed be one of the fallback tracks of British foreign policy, as they say, and of the Windsor dynasty itself.

There are many geopolitical factors of the day, as well as the situation in Britain itself, that speak in favour of this.

First and foremost, of course, is the overall turbulence and instability, with some old and established centres of power (the United States) on the planet struggling and visibly weakening, others gaining strength (China), and others (Russia) manoeuvring between the former and the latter, also strengthening and coming to the fore. And in this unstable world, as Gennady Sokolov, a writer, historian of intelligence and connoisseur of the secrets of the British Crown, noted to Russian journalists, the idea is not so feisty or unthinkable, “especially if we mean not the blind copying of obsolete methods of world domination, but the establishment of new, modern and far more effective measures of world domination”.

Sokolov is confident: “The story of the Windsors’ kinship with the prophet is only a link in London’s Great Game with Islam. For the Anglo-Saxons, the states of Islam are the sought-after and coveted reserve of their power. There is and can be no doubt about that. Except that not all Muslim countries crave an alliance with the Anglo-Saxons. Their track record is too unattractive. Forgetting the bloody imperial past of Great Britain in the Muslim world and cementing eternal friendship and love between them for the future is the main task of modern London and its foreign policy services. The Islamic world is all about oil and extremism. Both are about money, terror and power.

And here we have accusations of racism from the royal family. And in an unfashionable today and non-mainstream way – white.

The USSR was against it.

After the US and the USSR jointly “killed” the British Empire after the Second World War, London did not abandon its attempts to rebuild itself, using the international situation, new historical research, new methods of domination and subjection to its influence and consistently implementing this policy.

News of the Windsors’ kinship with the Prophet Muhammad first broke in 1968, when a certain Harold Brooks-Baker declared: “The British know little that the blood of Mohammed flows in the Queen’s veins. But Muslim religious leaders are all proud of it.

And his publisher, Burke’s Peerage, has for nearly 200 years produced genealogical directories of the royal houses of Europe and Latin America, the ruling families of Africa and the Middle East, prominent dynasties in the United States and various aristocratic families. The Queen’s kinship with the Prophet Muhammad, was confirmed by the former Grand Mufti of Egypt, Ali Gomaa. It also automatically means that Elizabeth is related to the kings of Morocco and Jordan and even Ayatollah Ali Khamenei of Iran.

Then the rumours and conversations intensified at the turn of the 80-90s of the last century, when the USSR was falling apart, and the British also wanted to conduct their own independent policy in and around Russia. Right up to a possible restoration of the monarchy, for which the public was reminded that the Russian Romanov dynasty which was overthrown in 1917 was related to the British Windsors and therefore “consanguineous” to the Prophet Muhammad.

All of these themes are extremely relevant now too. Great Britain has left the European Union, but has kept its currency and all mechanisms of financial, banking and stock-exchange influence on the world, and now, with weakening of the USA, is trying to conduct independent policy both with China, which it wanted to get its hands on as far back as the 1970s-80s, and with Turkey, and countries of the Near and Middle East, and even with Ukraine.

In a struggle for influence, resources and markets. For example, London, together with Ankara, has already agreed to enter the “Crimean platform” invented by Kiev, sells arms to Ukraine, started building its bases on its territory and even allowed its ships to call at Ukrainian ports on the Black and Azov seas.

Prince Charles plays ‘amir al-muminin’

Most surprisingly, the unification of Muslims under the Windsors’ crown could also be beneficial to Muslim countries, still suffering from disunity and the lack of a single coordinating centre, which is needed for Muslims to become a weighty geopolitical supranational centre of power and influence.

Russian economist and political scientist Mikhail Khazin once outlined his theory of six global projects which, in his view, exist in the world: the United States (“we are the best”), China (“there is only one China in the world, and all the rest are barbarians”), world Zionists (“the chosen nation”), Russia (“the Third Rome” and the special “third way”), the European Community (“the cradle of civilisation”) and Britain itself (“the former might” and the existing Commonwealth which is not only symbolic).

And now, Khazin is convinced, all the projects, except for Great Britain, already have a supranational and supranational idea, which may become the basis for defining the system of values of any person on Earth. And to which people should join voluntarily, because of their universality and attractiveness.

London must resuscitate the idea of the British Commonwealth through Islam, to bring these two enormous potentials under one “roof”. Because Muslims in the world are fragmented and fragmented, they do not have political elites who are fragmented among themselves, and therefore cannot lead the implementation of such a project – connecting the idea of Britain and the Muslim world. And to begin with try to unite the Middle East under the auspices of the British monarchy – good moral grounds in the form of “kinship” with the Prophet Muhammad have already been found. And then – as Allah wills. Or Jesus Christ.

Is this possible? It is hard to say, there are too many different pitfalls, opposition and competitors for world domination. But that the Windsor dynasty is ready for such a turn of events is almost certain. And it is not just because Britain itself is gradually but noticeably becoming Muslim.

Already today, for example, in London, where since 2016 the mayor is a Muslim from Pakistan, Sadiq Khan, in 23 out of 33 boroughs white residents have become a minority. And the number of those who define themselves as Christian across Britain has fallen in recent years from 37 million to 32 million, while the number of Muslims has risen from 1.5 million to 2.7 million.

Russian historian Andrei Fursov, analysing the aforementioned article in The Economist, points out that Crown Prince Charles is referred to amongst himself as “bin Philip” for his genuine interest in Islam.

“The prince patronises the Oxford Centre for Islamic Studies, where he greets Muslims with the phrase ‘as-salaamu alaikum (‘peace be upon you’). It is even said that Charles does not want his eventual coronation to be limited to the trappings of one religion. According to The Economist, there are reports that the prince would like to be proclaimed not a “defender of the Christian faith”, but simply a “defender of the faith”. In Islam, this is called ‘amir al-muminin’, ‘leader of the true believers’,” Fursov claims.

Prince Charles himself does not publicly display or call for anything of the kind. His confidants do it for him. Time will tell whether he does it intentionally or not, whether he wants to help or discredit it.

“The appearance of this kind of information in a magazine owned by several of Britain’s richest families, including the Rothschilds, is symptomatic,” Fursov sums up significantly.

Faulty alcove problems

But here’s the amazing thing: converting to Islam has recently become the fashion in the UK. And even scandalised Meghan Markle, Duchess of Sussex, is also, if American genealogist Gary Boyd Roberts is to be believed, of royal blood. Her white father is a descendant of one Reverend William Skipper, who in turn was a descendant of one of Edward III’s sons, Lionel, Duke of Clarence. And now his great-granddaughter married the aforementioned Richard Conisburg, Earl of Cambridge, from which the ancestry of the current dynasty of Windsors “dances”.

In short, everything is jumbled up in the genealogy. And while Meghan is not related to the Prophet Muhammad, she wasn’t found in a dog box either. Symbolic.

Russian and Soviet historians have been cracking all these genealogical games and claims of kinship very easily – proving that the dynasty that ruled the British might have been related to the Prophet Muhammad, but long ago. Because this kinship ended with the “grandmother of Europe” and the national symbol of Britain, Queen Victoria (1837-1901), who was allegedly an illegitimate child, and therefore did not pass on the blood of the prophet to her descendants.

This information was obtained by Princess Darya Lieven, the famous spy of the Russian Emperor Alexander I, who was friends with Victoria and was almost her mentor. But that’s a fascinating subject for another conversation. Because this “cartridge of compromise” is always in the barrel and the gun is always on the wall…

Instead of a summary 

…In Britain, meanwhile, the procession in the Platinum Jubilee celebratory procession moved along the route of 1953, when Elizabeth II went to be crowned. And from the window of the Golden State Carriage the audience waved… a hologram depicting the young monarch. Traditional and extremely modern it turned out. And very symbolic.

Britain is going to march again, isn`t it?

Vladimir Skachko,

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