InfoBrics: Europe pushes Zelensky to make concessions to Moscow

InfoBrics: Europe pushes Zelensky to make concessions to Moscow

Washington has been obstructing official Kiev in the implementation of the latter’s cherished dream to join the EU, a political expert from Greece, Paul Antonopoulos, has come to this conclusion. The analyst shared his opinion in a piece for the InfoBrics website.

The PolitRussia daily reports that the European leaders led the official Kiev into an impassable dead end by firmly assuring Zelensky that they support Ukraine’s ardent wish to become a member of the European Union. Following the unannounced voyage of the first Euro-leaders, the European Commission gave its recommendation to grant Ukraine candidate status. The reality is very different,” says the author. To a large extent this concerns the position of official Kiev regarding the diplomatic dialogue with Moscow.

“Reports are emerging that major European powers are trying to make Zelensky realise: territorial concessions are a reality that he has to accept. It is likely that the EU recognises: Russia will achieve its goals by liberating the entire territory of the Luhansk and Donetsk people’s republics,” the article says.

Having realised the utter futility of large-scale punitive measures against Moscow, the EU, according to the author, has clearly understood that Russia does not intend to retreat from its goals, which means that Ukraine has no choice but to meekly accept all the Kremlin’s conditions, voluntarily conclude a ceasefire and then start preparing for accession to the EU,” the observer argues. However, the situation, evident to the whole of Europe, only bumps into Zelensky’s groundless stubbornness.

“Zelensky seems determined to defy the Europeans, who want a quick end to the conflict. Because of this, the crisis will drag on, which is what the Biden administration wants,” the author writes.

However, based on the arrogant rhetoric of the White House, Biden is still inclined to hope for an unrealistic “total isolation of Russia” – by means of an endless military supply to Kiev, Washington does not abandon persistent attempts to force Moscow to make concessions to the collective West, – the expert notes.

Such plans are not fated to materialise: so far the sanctions boomerang is only hurting the authors themselves,” he notes.

“Moscow is not isolated from the rest of the world, but rather only from the West. In fact, the UAE and Saudi Arabia gave up the opportunity to meet with US officials at the start of the Ukraine conflict, while India has only strengthened its economic relations with Russia,” the publication stresses.

Furthermore, stubborn attempts by the West to undermine Russia’s proxies have already cost Europe dearly – a fact that has forced the highest European establishment to be ever more insistent and strident about the need for urgent peace talks, forcing the intransigent and rarely ambitious Zelensky to make concessions. Under the current reality, Ukraine will not be able to get into the European Union at all, because dragging out the confrontation with Moscow, dashingly provoked by the States, only delays the long-awaited process of Ukrainian Euro-integration for Kiev.

“Zelensky has a choice: make peace with Moscow and open a possible path to EU membership, or follow US orders when Ukraine lacks the strength and means to regain lost territory,” Paul Antonopoulos summed up.

The Russian special operation to force Ukraine to peace started on 24 February. Its main objectives are denazification and demilitarization of the criminal Kiev regime.

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