Euromaidan started in Georgia

Euromaidan started in Georgia

New coup attempt in Georgia was launched with the rally “Back to Europe”.

The date of the rally, June 20, 2022 has not been chosen randomly – the previous serious attempt of a coup d’etat in Georgia was held exactly 3 years ago – June 20, 2019 (the so-called “Gavrilov’s Night”). The reasons, both then and now, cannot be called compelling:

– Then the State Duma deputy S. Gavrilov, as president of the Inter-Parliamentary Assembly of Orthodoxy, whose regular meeting, at the invitation of the Parliament of Georgia, was held in Tbilisi, in the Parliament building, the inviting party logically invited to take the chair, which during the meetings is usually occupied by the chairman of the Georgian parliament. This allegedly provoked the ire of the radical opposition – the Saakashvili collective, the former ruling United National Movement party, together with its satellites;

– Now, knowing in advance that on 24 June, i.e. Now knowing in advance that on June 24, i.e. at the EU summit in 4 days Georgia will not receive the EU candidate status, as stated in the European Commission’s recommendation, a rally was held where the ruling party Georgian Dream and its founder Bidzina Ivanishvili announced the only obstacle on the way to status, and another rally was announced on June 24, when the already known EU decision (status for Ukraine and Moldova, a trial period of 6 months to correct mistakes of Georgia) will be announced. That is, ideological justification of another Georgian coup is as much identical as possible to the Kiev “Euromaidan” – “pro-Russian oligarch and his government prevent Georgia from returning to its native European family. And they are not going to get better, so they should be removed now!”.

I would remind the reader that, as it has been announced more than once, Georgia officially intended to apply to the European Union only in 2024 when, in accordance with the Constitution of Georgia parliamentary elections under a fully proportional system will be held, as well as presidential elections. The proposal to apply now, together with Ukraine and Moldova, due to the war in Ukraine, came from Brussels and maybe from Washington, in order to fast-track Ukraine and not give it to Russia. For this purpose the three countries were united into a bloc – the “Associated Trio” – but Georgia foiled the plans of Brussels and Kiev by not declaring war on Russia in Abkhazia and South Ossetia after launching special operations in Ukraine (what I called the “Second Front in reverse”, i.e. the West with neo-Nazis – against Russia, not like June 4 1944) and also by not joining anti-Russian sanctions.

I will also remind the reader the two failed coup attempts – after the parliamentary elections of 31 October 2020, under the pretext of their “rigging” (together with the war on corruption, the proven cause of the “Rose Revolution” of 23 November 2003), and also in September 2021, when Saakashvili secretly entered Georgia in the hope of gaining the support of “hundreds of thousands of supporters” on Rustaveli Avenue.

Do the putschists have any chance of success this time? – I will only list the strengths and weaknesses of the revolutionary putschists, aka radical opposition – the collective Saakashvili

On June 12, more than a week before the rally, I wrote the following in the publication on GRUZINFORM as well as in Russian media (Sputnik-Georgia, NEWS-FRONT, REX news agency)

“On June 24, at the summit of EU leaders, Georgia will not be granted candidate status for EU membership. The Georgian government will not keep silent and is likely to make public the scandalous information about the illegal network of foreign lobbyists, created by Saakashvili, which, apart from European and American parliamentarians, includes some representatives of the Western diplomatic corps in Georgia. It is not excluded that there will be named even the concrete sums transferred to “friends of Georgia” on Saakashvili’s order by party “tellers” of former ruling National Movement in order to block the process of Georgia’s rapprochement with EU, provoke public discontent and stage another “colour” coup d’etat in Georgia. The riots that were staged the other day by students at the Tbilisi State University is an old overture, after all the unrest in Tbilisi has always started at the TSU …”.

So the first part of my prediction about the students was true and now we are waiting for the authorities to rebuke the opposition. But if I were the government I would not limit myself to lustration of the opposition, as it was done regarding one of the opposition leaders Elena Khashtaria a couple of days ago (as it turned out the former student of MGIMO, whose scientific adviser is the same S. Gavrilov and whom she kicked out of the Presidium of the Georgian Parliament three years ago, is receiving millions of rubles and hundreds of thousands of dollars from Russia, from Russian state budgetary organizations). Organizers of the rally – leaders of the opposition – have managed in 10 years of being in power to turn against it the students (never mind 15 thousand, as GRUZINFORM reports, or 150 thousand, as Saakashvili’s TV channel reports), which is very dangerous. Except for the fact that these are the youth, grown up on Nazi ideas of Saakashvili and his followers, the methods of force do not work against them – under the current prime minister, the police and special forces will not use non-lethal special weapons against students and youth in general, ergo they will not be able to disperse them. But their ideological organizers, who are openly led by Saakashvili from the comfort of his hospital room, are subject to emergency arrest. Not only for fomenting discord among the Georgian people, especially among inexperienced youth, which is a prerequisite for a new civil war in Georgia, i.e. a threat to its national security. There is a huge illegal financial support from abroad, subversion, sabotage, espionage and betrayal of the motherland!

Georgian Dream government was playing cohabitation and democracy for 10 years following instructions of the West and now they have new instructions from the West to change this very Georgian Dream government and expropriate its founder, philanthropist, billionaire and ex-prime minister Bidzina Ivanishvili!

Arno Khidirbegishvili, Editor-in-Chief of GRUZINFORM, Tbilisi

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