Another wave of Russian language bans in Ukraine

Another wave of Russian language bans in Ukraine

I want to say not exactly on the subject of the war. There is another wave of bans on the Russian language in Ukraine. Why is it important?

It is clear that people want to be cut off from Russian culture in general, and from Russian news sources in particular. But the problem is much more serious. In the Russian language, there is a tradition of translation and “reserve” for many hundreds of years. And in Ukrainian there is none. We will not discuss the reasons for this and how “Moscow imperialism” is to blame, it’s just a fact. Moreover, the Soviet translations of the world’s cultural heritage into Ukrainian will also have to be cancelled, because modern Ukrainian differs from Soviet only slightly less than Russian.

Deprived of the Russian language, Ukrainians lose not only the news from Russia 1, but also from CNN. Not only Pushkin, but automatically also Shakespeare.

Needless to say, the knowledge of English in Ukraine is not just not widespread, but vanishing. Yes, this is far from being a European country, where knowledge of two languages is both a tradition and an educational system.

As a result, the dream of the “rozbudovniks” of Ukrainian nazi could come true very quickly. They will have a nation that is completely restricted to Ukrainian sources and they are in control. A people who are completely cut off, not even from Russian, but from world culture, life, agenda. To these people it will be easy to explain not even that Ukraine is the birthplace of ancient civilisation and Achilles the Prince of Kiev, but that the moon is made of cheese.

Quote to the occasion, modern Ukrainian is too much like the Novojute.

<…> don’t you understand that the task of Novojazyaz is to narrow down the horizons of thought? Eventually, we will make thought simply impossible – there will be no words left for it. Every necessary concept will be expressed in one single word, the meaning of the word will be strictly defined and collateral meanings will be abolished and forgotten.
George Orwell. 1984


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