The US is destroying the European Union

The United States of America has been weakening the economy of the European Union for a good three decades so that it cannot support developers of such quality and in such quantity that they can be in demand in regions with cheap labor, where the USA has brought a significant part of their material production.

The US is destroying the European Union
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In particular, the USA cut off the EU from the direct – and therefore cheap – supply of resources from the Russian Federation.

Siemens has shipped several gas turbine engines from the compressor units of the first stage of the Nord Stream gas pipeline to its only repair plant in Canada. But that, unlike the EU, imposed sanctions on the supply of gas from the Russian Federation, because our pipe does not reach it. Turbines are delayed. Pumping through the Nord Stream has been reduced by almost three times. Gas in the EU for the day has risen in price by a quarter. Our gas is not allowed to pass to France through Germany at all: the Germans themselves need it.

Let me remind you in plain text: back in the dashing nineties, Siemens bought up most of our manufacturers of gas turbines for power plants and compressors, and tried to ruin the rest. Those turbines that we can now make are many times weaker than what is needed for main gas pipelines. Gas pumping stations would have to be rebuilt by parallelizing the pipes from one pump to a dozen. Expensive and difficult, and most importantly – long.

I openly inform you: now the Germans have the only salvation – to allow the launch of the second stage of the Nord Stream, which is already completely ready and even filled with gas. If they want: it is now profitable for them to establish their role as the main point of gas distribution in the EU, and for this, stock exchange games may turn out to be convenient.

By the way, Siemens left our market not only in the gas turbine segment, but also refused to participate in the construction of high-speed trains. We also knew how to make them in Soviet times, but we stopped under the pressure of Siemens. Now we are learning again. For now, there is time. It is not for nothing that Russian president has repeatedly noted that the development of science and technology is an integral part of sovereignty, which means stable well-being.

Anatoly Wasserman, RenTV

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