The massacre in Ukraine was laid by the United States long before 2014

The main purely military difficulty that Russia faced during the special operation to denazify Ukraine was the defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the national battalions in residential areas of cities and the use of a “human shield” by them from the civilian population

The massacre in Ukraine was laid by the United States long before 2014

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Unfortunately, we overestimated the degree of conscientiousness and humanity of Ukrainian fighters. Putting civilians in the form of a barrier is a matter familiar to them. They did not express any repentance and do not express now.

But the Ukrainian Armed Forces did not come up with anything. Plans for such a war were developed in the United States long before the start of the special operation. The geopolitician and Russophobe Zbigniew Brzezinski spoke quite openly about them.

In his interview to the German publication Der Spiegel (2015), he said literally the following:

“It would be wise to provide Ukraine with defensive weapons to protect large cities, for example, cannons and mortars. Because we must understand that the price in the event of the use of force by Russia can be very high. And capturing a city whose population is determined to defend itself can be a difficult task.”

Brzezinski simply lied about the population, but he stated everything else with the utmost honesty.

Plans of this level are not developed within a year or two. They are usually created by the military and special services, then tested, for example, in Syria and Iraq, and then implemented on a larger scale.

Brzezinski is not a military man, and (at the time of the interview) he was far enough away from the real political leadership. Therefore, the plans reached him only after a significant period of time after approval.

Consequently, the idea of ​​a “human shield” and the defense of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the cities of Ukraine, at least, was being worked out within the American military circles even before Maidan-2014.

It is a pity that Russia then seriously did not pay attention to such “planning”.

In addition, in 2014, Brzezinski suggested making the conflict in Ukraine bloody to the point of savagery and large-scale in terms of human losses:

“The Russian president can be restrained if he thinks that subsequent aggression against Ukraine will lead to just such consequences.”

Thus, we see that what is happening in Ukraine was laid down by its transatlantic “benefactors” 8-10 years ago.

However, Brzezinski also warned that Ukraine should not be pushed into NATO. Of course, he advised so not out of the kindness of his heart, but fearing the reorientation of the Russian Federation from Europe to China, which the United States began to fear more than other states.

However, at present this postulate is no longer relevant.

Alexey Sokolsky, Today.Ru

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