Readers of Le Figaro spoke sharply about Zelensky’s appearance at a meeting with Macron

Readers of a French newspaper were indignant at the appearance of the President of Ukraine at a meeting with the leader of France.

Readers of Le Figaro spoke sharply about Zelensky's appearance at a meeting with Macron
The French were outraged by the appearance of the Ukrainian leader Vladimir Zelensky at a meeting with President Emmanuel Macron. Readers of Le Figaro expressed their sharp opinion in the comments under the article about the trip of the EU heads to Ukraine.

“Zelensky receives US representatives in a suit and tie or in military uniform, for Europe even a T-shirt is enough. This shows his attitude. Ukraine in Europe would be only a wart of the USA. A good example is Poland, which accepts subsidies from Europe but supports the US in arms purchases,” wrote Cucumber29.

A user with the nickname Lohan congratulated Macron on the fact that Zelensky was bombing civilians and the Donetsk maternity hospital with French Caesar warheads, emphasizing that what had happened was “the shame of France.”

“Zelensky lacks the courtesy to dress appropriately in front of the subject who feeds him,” JOEL VELASQUE stressed.

User Grand largue calls the meeting between Zelensky and Macron “collective madness.” In his opinion, the President of Ukraine forces the heads of the European Union to spend the night on the train “at the snap of their fingers”, and they come to Kyiv to take the oath of allegiance.

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