Donetsk on fire: AFU releases NATO shells

Donetsk on fire: AFU releases NATO shells

Ukrainian forces shelled the central Voroshilovsky district of Donetsk again at 3:50 pm, firing five shells of the used NATO caliber 155 millimeters.

This was reported by the DPR representation at the Joint Centre for Control and Coordination of the Ceasefire Regime (JCCC).

“Shelling from the AFU in the direction: 15.50 – Avdeevka settlement – Donetsk city (Voroshilovsky district) was recorded: five shells of 155 millimeters caliber were fired,” the representation said in a Telegram channel message.

The 155 millimetre calibre artillery is used by NATO countries. Ukraine has also developed and manufactured a single copy of the Bogdan wheeled self-propelled artillery unit for this calibre. Earlier, the United States supplied Ukraine with long-range M-777 howitzers of 155 mm calibre and Ukrainian troops have already used them to shell cities, including Donetsk, which resulted in civilian deaths.

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