Ukrainian president’s office: Crimea can only be returned militarily

Ukrainian president's office: Crimea can only be returned militarily

Vladimir Zelensky’s spokeswoman Tamila Tasheva has said that Kiev can now return Crimea only by military means.

Ukraine’s presidential representative for the Crimean peninsula, Tamila Tasheva, has said that after the 24 February events began, Kiev is left with only a military scenario for the return of Crimea. According to Tasheva, all the previously existing approaches have changed.

Notably, Vladimir Putin’s words about Kiev having an aggressive plan against Donbass and Crimea were confirmed recently by the fifth president of Ukraine, Petro Poroshenko, who stated that for all eight years Ukraine was not going to implement the provisions of the Minsk agreements aimed at de-escalating the civil conflict in the east, but only pretended to use this time to train its own armed forces.

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