EU eases sanctions against Russia – Ukraine is hysterical

EU eases sanctions against Russia - Ukraine is hysterical

A ban on providing cloud-based Internet services to Russians has been excluded from the final version of the sixth package of EU anti-Russian sanctions. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry and the Office of the President have broken out in outrage.

On 3 June, the Council of the European Union announced the completion of the approval procedure for the next, sixth, package of sanctions against Russia imposed after the launch of a special military operation in Ukraine. In addition to the issue of refusing Russian oil and oil products, the new sanctions list included a restriction on the provision of cloud-based Internet services.

However, it later emerged that the clause restricting cloud services was removed from the final version of the sanctions document. The Ukrainian Foreign Ministry was the first to get excited, followed by the Office of the President.

“Cloud technology was not included in the final decision. We (Kiev) have already asked our European partners for explanations,” Ukrainian Foreign Ministry Secretary Oleh Mykolenko said.

Almost immediately, the head of the Office of the Ukrainian President, Mykhailo Podolyak, launched an angry tirade on Twitter, resenting such “easing” of the EU sanctions position.

“Don’t weaken,” Mikhail asked the European Commission. However, there has been no response from the European Union so far.

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