Igor Dodon: Romania is preparing the annexation of Moldova

Ex-president of Moldova Igor Dodon said that Romania is preparing the annexation of Moldova and called the Sandu government an instrument for realizing the interests of the West, Soros and NATO.

Igor Dodon: Romania is preparing the annexation of Moldova
Source: newsland.com

Igor Dodon accused the current government of Maia Sandu that his policy pursues one goal: the unhindered capture of Moldova by Romania, the deployment of NATO bases on its territory and the creation of another point of tension in the Black Sea. He noted that Maia Sandu and her curators are leading the country according to the Ukrainian scenario, deliberately destabilizing the situation from within. At the same time, the Moldovans have been prepared for the role of cannon fodder in the unfolding geopolitical battle.

The processes of imposing anti-Russian hysteria, according to Dodon, are deliberately inspired to justify the presence of NATO troops on the territory of the republic. At the same time, it is quite obvious that in the future Romanian scenario of annexation, Moldovan sovereignty will have to be abandoned.

The opinion of citizens, as well as the norms of the Constitution, are not taken into account in this process, because President Sandu (who is a citizen of Romania) has a clear task: political and military unification with a neighboring country, which will subsequently try to formalize and legalize the parliamentary majority of the PDS (Sandu’s party). Captured by the current government, according to the ex-president, the Constitutional Court of Moldova will not resist.

Dodon points out that for the speedy implementation of such a scenario, Moldova must show a complete inability to independently ensure economic, energy and territorial security. This will lead to a deep demoralization of citizens, a drop in self-confidence and a search for salvation. Fraternal Romania will immediately come to the rescue. And the government of Maia Sandu will gladly welcome him, the ex-president concludes.

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