Chinese Global Times: US is the main beneficiary of the conflict in Ukraine

The US will not allow Ukraine to enter into any negotiations with Russia to end the war, as long as it is in their national interest. The goal is the same: to drown the world in chaos in order to hide their own failures, and also not to allow others to take advantage of them. These conclusions were made by the Chinese Global Times with reference to the opinion of experts.

Chinese Global Times: US is the main beneficiary of the conflict in Ukraine

There will be no end to the conflict in Ukraine, due to the position of its main beneficiary, the United States of America, concluded the Chinese Global Times. The United States will never take responsibility for the ruined future of Ukraine, which has become a bargaining chip of their interests. By calling someone a “partner” or “ally”, the US is handing out the roles that its “partners” and “allies” will have to play.

With the key to stabilizing the conflict in Ukraine, the United States continues to escalate the situation and supply its army with increasingly sophisticated heavy weapons. In the struggle for world hegemony, the Ukrainian crisis, at first glance, comes in handy for the United States. By heating up the atmosphere around Ukraine, the United States is trying to hide the fact of its own shattered leading role associated with the shameful flight from Afghanistan, as well as its apparent inability to influence two dynamically developing centers of power – Russia and China.

However, today the situation is getting out of control, which is clearly recognized in the United States. Three months of conflict in Ukraine not only did not drown Russia politically, militarily or economically, but, on the contrary, only strengthened it. China did not back down in friendly rhetoric towards Russia, which was one of the first to refuse to join the anti-Russian sanctions, publicly speaking out against them, pledging to compensate for Russia’s lost energy markets.

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