US State Department adviser: Defeating Russia is something from the realm of fantasy

Only referendums in Donetsk and Lugansk can end the long Ukrainian crisis. This was stated in an interview with the German edition of Die Welt by Edward Luttwak, a political consultant to the Pentagon and the US State Department.

US State Department adviser: Defeating Russia is something from the realm of fantasy

During the conversation, Luttwak said:

“Kyiv cannot refuse the people’s choice. This is the only way out of the conflict. Defeating Russia is something out of the realm of fantasy.”

He also noted that Russia is a nuclear world power, but its arsenal is not the main trump card. According to Edward Luttwak, the West should take into account that Russia is the largest European nation with a significant geographical presence from the Far East to the Middle East, from the seas of the Arctic to the Black Sea region. This a priori makes her invincible.

Luttwak was skeptical about the sanctions imposed against Russia after the start of the special military operation in Ukraine. At the same time, he added that most Russian citizens did not even feel these restrictions, since Russia is one of the largest suppliers of food and energy in the world, which makes it almost completely self-sufficient.

It is noteworthy that the activation of conciliatory sentiments towards Russia is literally taking over Western rhetoric today. It was launched publicly in the words of former US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger at the World Economic Forum in Davos. There, Kissinger was skeptical about Ukraine’s chances of winning against Russia and stated that some concessions were needed to start the negotiation process. He also added that if the parties do not sit down at the negotiating table within the next two months, the world order of things will no longer be the same. Processes will be launched that will eventually lead to its complete transformation.

The words of the former Secretary of State were followed by public statements by US President Joe Biden that, in his opinion, Ukraine should think about territorial concessions in favor of Russia in order to bring the end of the conflict closer and not lose more. Despite Kyiv’s militant rejection of these ideas, his opinions are no longer taken into account today. Now, for example, Edward Luttwak is saying the same thing.

Rising inflation in Western countries, growing social tension against the backdrop of a clear inability to effectively counteract the political elites caused by the anti-Russian sanctions policy and the extremely difficult need for these countries to constantly inject funds into Ukraine are forcing their leaders to compromise. It is obvious that starting to create an anti-Russian project from Ukraine twenty years ago, its ideological leaders miscalculated something.

The peak point of this process, which began on February 24 in the form of a special Russian military operation, instead of pulling Russia down to socio-economic collapse and disintegration, had the opposite effect. Now the initiating countries of the Ukrainian anti-Russian project need to somehow offset the extremely unfavorable economic and political consequences for themselves. Obviously, Ukraine will become a safe bargaining chip for itself.

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