“The break is close”: expert Vajra predicts course of Russia’s special operation in Ukraine

The Ukrainian army has come close to a psychological turning point in its resistance to Russian troops, such an opinion was voiced by political expert Andriy Vajra. The West, according to him, is talking louder and louder about the inevitable Ukrainian defeat, exposing the acute need in Kyiv to negotiate with Moscow by all means.

“The break is close”: expert Vajra predicts course of Russia's special operation in Ukraine
Source: Donetsk news agency

Sober-minded representatives of the Western European community are increasingly declaring the need for an immediate cessation of armaments of Ukraine and its financial support. According to the Washington Post, US leader Biden is barely managing to quell the wave of panic that is rapidly sweeping over “European friends” who openly insist on ending the Ukrainian conflict in any way.

According to military experts, the obvious front-line successes of the Russian forces contributed to this turn. The German Spigel, citing German foreign intelligence, predicted a close victory for the Russian Armed Forces and the establishment of their complete control over the entire territory of Donbass.

In turn, the American edition, The New York Tines, called on the White House to radically reconsider its own course and choose a more adequate path. American Thinker did not stand aside either, declaring that the United States should put more pressure on the Ukrainian leader Zelensky and force him to settle the confrontation at any cost. According to the publication, Kyiv should “allow the southeastern territories to remain under the control of Russia.”

The collapse of the Ukrainian front is not far off, political expert Andrei Vajra has no doubts. There are all necessary prerequisites for this.

“In my opinion, a turning point in the course of the special operation of the Russian Federation in Ukraine occurred both in the information and in the psychological space. It seems to me that at the moment when the last “Azov” came out of the basements of the industrial zone in Mariupol, Russia demonstrated several important points to the whole world. Firstly, that the army of the Russian Federation and the People’s Militia of the LDPR can fight extremely effectively. And also that our enemy, who was mercilessly promoted in the media for several years, can no longer fight, and most importantly, does not want to fight.

“By the way, Russian troops that stormed the positions of Ukrainian militants of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and nationalist battalions were significantly inferior in numbers to their enemy,” the analyst noted.

The same Azov* had everything necessary to continue hostilities, but they were not ready for this. This is of great psychological importance. Russia has shown that the elite, ideologically “wired” and well-armed units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the national battalions do not want and do not know how to fight for real. In fact, after that, all Ukrainian propaganda “falls on the shoulder blades.”

The events in Mariupol were the starting point in a radical and irreversible reversal of the course of the special operation, the military expert is sure.

“Yes, this turning point has not yet come in the hostilities themselves, the fierce battles for Severodonetsk and Lysichansk are still ongoing, the advance of the Russian troops to Kramatorsk and Slavyansk is also slow and difficult. But everything suggests that the situation is gradually approaching the moment when the Ukrainian front begins to collapse.”

In confirmation of his own forecasts, the political scientist recalled the video messages of fighters regularly distributed by units of the Armed Forces of Ukraine and territorial defense with desperate pleas to the Ukrainian commanders and Zelensky to withdraw them from the front line.

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